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    It was called a bugs life

    Not necessarily. He entered the grounds legally. Then created a scene. He is trespassed for that scene not being on the grounds illegally. That usually gets you a one year in writing trespass and that acts as the legal warning to not be on the grounds at all. Return while under that trespass...
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    Orlando man charged with hitting a Disney security guard during fight over COVID-19 mask rule

    Could we please stop with the ‘slapping the phone out of his hand’ nonsense. The article in the link and a couple of others mention that Toro struck the guard in the head and at least 3 people witnessed him getting irate and striking the guard. There was no phone slapping and no need for any...
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    Refunds or cancellations of Disney World Annual Passes

    By the lat 80s, I think it was about then, anyone, worldwide, could be members for a fee. We were that way. But then Disney dropped the club somewhere around 2000 to go with Chase Visa card holders which meant only Americans were eligible. Have never forgiven them for that one it’s like...
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    Do you think Disney will some day require facial scanning/recognition as part of its entry procedures?

    Well, believe it. They only use the scan to creat a number, period. The scan is not as unique as a fingerprint by far but unique enough that it’s unlikely two people with the same scan number will use the same ticket. It’s to ensure tickets aren’t being shared that’s all. Probably can’t convince...
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    Do you think Disney will some day require facial scanning/recognition as part of its entry procedures?

    Flat out no they don’t. They have a numerical number based on the scan and that number is calculated every time you enter a park. If the number matches you are in. The scan itself is immediately deleted. And, the number is only kept for a short duration. So, NO, they don’t have your fingerprints!!
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    Best way to request a room location?

    Rooms are actually assigned 4-5 days in advance by room assigners who aren’t at the hotel. They look at the info on their screens and that’s why it is important to have it noted on your reservation so they will see it. There is no point calling night before or day of cause you’ll still just get...
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    Do I have to go to guest services after purchasing pass online?

    Go to guest services ( and yes you have to go to guest services to get your AP card and that is necessary to use at times) in Disney Springs and the new tickets office is beside it. They’ll get it going in less than 10 minutes depending on the line. Your parking will be free. The CM is a bit...
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    Wasted food at Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue

    Disney has an on-site biofuels plant that uses the waste food, what can’t be given to Second Harvest, to produce methane that is used to power the parks and resorts. Any waste from this process is then used for fertilizer. So there really is no waste food. So the angst in this thread can stop.
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    Will these prices ever cap out?

    Oh please. I was there in 1957, and 1960 and mare after that. Don’t fool yourself. He sold as much merchandise throughout the park as he could. He even sold cells from his films on Main Street. I’ve got one in my living room that i’m looking right now that I got in 1960. He sold hats, mugs, Davy...
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    Disney Ticket question - 20 years ago -

    Actually quite wrong. A length of stay ticket, in May 1999 renamed Unlimited Magic Pass, WAS for the length of stay and expired at the end of your stay. And those were purchased as part of your hotel stay. Other tickets didn’t expire but length of stay did. In the OP’s case, Disney has already...
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    do they no longer ship magic bands?

    It says that because they don’t ship until nearer your travel date. Up until they ship, for you around May, you can change your choices. So, it’s basically telling you that you can still change them. And they still ship if in the USA.
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    Question on Wilderness Lodge

    Really close??? Not remotely. WL is near MK and the Contemporary. POFQ is miles away near Epcot and DS a bit SE.
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    Top Three Rides at WDW

    The People Mover isn’t transportation. You get off at the same spot you got on. It is a ride in a circle around Tomorrowland. The Skyliner is intended to be transportation from one location to another. It’s like the monorail. You can just ride it but it is primarily transportation. To me it...
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    Poly getting extensive renovations starting spring 2020

    Well, they aren’t on the official plans as yet but it is about time in the normal rotation for the non-DVC portion to be refurbed. So there may be some credibility to this. My sources won’t comment so don’t know anything solid but that kind of silence can mean something is up.
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    Poll: best queue in Magic Kingdom

    I think Little Mermaid gets a lower rating for some because the ride is such a let down. However, the detail in the queue is among the best.
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