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Recent content by Pixie VaVoom

  1. Pixie VaVoom

    Iger and Chapek Livid With Lucasfilm

    I wish somebody would. He is like Teflon !! Nothin sticks
  2. Pixie VaVoom

    Universal charging for Uber pickup

    We are going in May - is Universal still adding the $4 charge for rideshare??? How do they do it?? Thanks
  3. Pixie VaVoom

    Universal Has Started Charging $2 for Some Ride Lockers

    Hubby and I are heading back to UNI this May... does anyone know if they are still charging for lockers?? Thanks
  4. Pixie VaVoom

    Universal Orlando

    I just bought 2day park to park -with 2 days free - tickets at Orlando Funtickets - for hubby and me. so - a total of 4 days...$259 ea. we leave end of the month !!!
  5. Pixie VaVoom

    Doctor Who

    makes me hungry for "jelly babies"...
  6. Pixie VaVoom

    Game of Thrones: Season 7

    I personally am cheering for the young "Lady Mormont" !! go get 'em gal !! That young lady is kicking "a''s and taking names !! we also need Jorah back - in my opinion.
  7. Pixie VaVoom

    For the dudes sitting as a lady stands...

    Oh My Golly - Apologises to everyone - I REALLY did mean to EDIT THAT before it was sent. Very chastised - Pixie
  8. Pixie VaVoom

    For the dudes sitting as a lady stands...

    Yes, but Lying diminishes your SOUL !! IMHO !! And - KARMA is a
  9. Pixie VaVoom

    I Can't Believe 'Ohana!

    Hey...when IS "Jersey Week" ?? I live in the middle of the country and have no clue... thanks.
  10. Pixie VaVoom

    What the heck does your username mean???

    I had an 'UnkaDug' !! For My screen name ...I love Tinkerbell - who is a "Pixie", and my DH oftens says that I am larger than life...so "VaVoom" !!
  11. Pixie VaVoom

    Worst Queue Experience

    Thanks MOM - I don't mean to be offensive. Wouldn't want to have to plug my "jackalope's" ears (see profile pix). Yeah - I am NOT quite up on ALL the UK slang. thanks for watching my back !!
  12. Pixie VaVoom

    Worst Queue Experience

    Wow !! I don't usually swear in public...i didn't know that f @ nnY would get bleeped !!
  13. Pixie VaVoom

    Worst Queue Experience

    I like to do a little thing where someone acts like they don't know english and I look at them and quietly, calmly say " I think you just dropped a $100 bill back there. " "No Habla Ingles" my aunt's ***** !!
  14. Pixie VaVoom

    Unthinkable Event At Magic Kingdom

    What IS THAT anyways?? i can't see it well enough to tell...
  15. Pixie VaVoom

    Flight of Passage: People of size be warned

    Ok - i'd like to see somebody actually IN that test seat. I can't even begin to figure out what goes where!! I am rather pleasantly 'Pooh -Shaped' and I have grave concerns about this also. DH and I are planning a trip next February.
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