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  1. Patcheslee

    2020 rates???

    I'm trying to research if DL is even in our vacation budget for 2020 but rates still don't show for me. Do they normally hold off for this long? Or am I missing something? I have to have vacations requests of 5 day or more in 6 months before (work policy limits how many ppl can be off at the...
  2. Patcheslee

    What to book with fp+

    FYI if you can't deal with enclosed tight spaces maybe avoid Mission: Space. We got stuck on it a few weeks ago the 2nd time riding for 25 minutes. DH said he didn't have issues with it, until the dang thing breaks down, then it turned into anxiety when we couldn't get out. Made worse by...
  3. Patcheslee

    News Primeval Whirl at Disney's Animal Kingdom experiencing extended downtime

    Well it only cost $6/person to ride a wild mouse at the Indiana state fair, course that doesn't include the $9 admission and $8 parking fee lol.
  4. Patcheslee

    Quick service dining plan

    Mobile Order anywhere possible. We were at Cosmic Ray's at peak lunch time, full queue. Mobile ordered and had food in less than 5 minutes.
  5. Patcheslee

    News New Space Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Just my guess, but does November 2nd sound like a feasible opening? Only reason behind date: ISS Anniversary.
  6. Patcheslee

    News New Signature Restaurant for Japan Pavilion - Takumi-Tei

    Did you do the Chef's table or a la cart menu? TBH I don't care much for the apps, but the entrees sound great. Wondering if those portions small as well.
  7. Patcheslee

    News New Signature Restaurant for Japan Pavilion - Takumi-Tei

    I read that also, then an ADDITIONAL $75 for the sake/wine pairing. I've gotta ask how are they really going to do the tea ceremony. Don't mind maybe sharing a sip with DH, but no way I'm drinking after a stranger even if they do properly wipe the rim.
  8. Patcheslee

    The Joys of NO FastPass (DL waits for Falcon average an hour)

    Your forgetting one portion of the attendance mix which can contribute to a more even distribution of attendance: year round schooling. The schools around our district have switched to this style so kids have more vacation time available without missing school at what use to be low attendance...
  9. Patcheslee

    How much time per Epcot pavillion?

    Japan took our most time by over an hour. That included DD10 doing a pick-a-pearl and watching the drummers. Some pavilions also have characters so that may add more time. We averaged 30 minutes at a slow pace and Kidscot stops.
  10. Patcheslee

    2 parent 1 9 year old and sharing rides

    We got ditched by DD10 on a few rides, she opted to ride in front of us so she could ride with another kid, so there is that option...
  11. Patcheslee

    How much does the music at Disney add to the experience for you?

    I don't pay a ton of attention to background music mainly because I'm listening to a 10yo jabberjaw from the time I wake. I will say I enjoyed hearing my style of music at Villians night a couple weeks ago though.
  12. Patcheslee

    Change in metal detector policy - June 2019

    1 detected DD10s sunglasses, a different didn't. I went off a few times with nothing in my pockets only metal was on my sandals. They just waved me through without stopping so not sure what the point really is.
  13. Patcheslee

    Disney dining plan went up

    We had the DDP for this past trip. When we left we had 12 snack credits, 8 quick service, and 0 table left. Heres where our problem was: when DH went to get himself a bite to eat he kept paying cash and not using credits. 😡 I added up his receipts and it would have saved us a little over $200 if...
  14. Patcheslee

    Changes to Fastpass+ Tiers at Hollywood Studios Effective 8.29

    After reading through quite a bit of this I didn't see mention of the emailed promo some people received awhile back about a stay that included 60 day FP open to multiple parks. I bring it up because is there a possibility they are looking into how many people park hop if they can get 2...
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