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    Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

    Toy Story parade confirmed!
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    Fill in the blanks!

    I remember the seatbelts. Early 80's. Bench seats in the middle, and there was one belt for both people in the cart. I really felt like I was going to fly out. Of course, I was like 5 so I could be wrong.
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    Eliminating some Florida resident annual passes?

    This would be the end for me as well. I like the pass that I have, and being able to go as much as I can with this pass gives me more reason to go whenever I can. The more I go, the more I spend. And if they eliminate my pass, they'll get nothing because I'll vote with my wallet. My kids are...
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    Eliminating some Florida resident annual passes?

    I bring sandwiches for lunch, but that’s so I can spend money on merch and experiences. Either way, they get plenty of my money. My son didn’t want to leave last week, and I told him, “Mommy has to go back to work so we can have more money to go back to Disney.”
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    Eliminating some Florida resident annual passes?

    I am mainly concerned about the weekday select because that's what I have, and if they get rid of that one, I won't be able to keep a pass any more.
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    Eliminating some Florida resident annual passes?

    Hahahaha! No, I asked here because sometimes people here actually know stuff.
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    Eliminating some Florida resident annual passes?

    I did a quick search and didn’t find this posted, but I heard that Disney will be eliminating some of the options for Florida resident annual passes in February. Does anyone have any insight? Also, this is something I saw on Facebook, so take that for what it is.
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    Disney art thread.

    Is crochet art? If so, here is a baby blanket I made:
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    Short Wait Times at Hollywood Studios

    Savi's, Oga's, and Droid depot are limited capacity experiences and reservations were released all at once rather than 180 days before as is usual. I would not judge how busy it will be based on those experiences. You can also check for cancellations as your trip gets closer. Having a...
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    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    I was planning on reserving a tent camp site for March 2020. But for $143/night, they can keep it. We'll stay off site.
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    Is it worth shipping food staples to a resort?

    Yes, small baggies of ice will work fine through security. I did this for my trip in April.
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    I am also available for adoption. Great report so far!
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    What is the cost of an average WDW vacation for 5 days and 4 people?

    I spend significantly less than that, but I am a Florida resident with cheap APs for everyone in the family, we drive and stay off site, pack our own food in a cooler or eat off site. Even with all that, I still spent about 2k counting the APs. Next vacation we don't have to buy tickets so we...
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