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  1. mguimond1990

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Something was very weird with the app this morning. It kept wanting me to confirm my party before trying to join a group, and kept giving me error messages when I confirmed the party. Looks like we’ll try again at 1p
  2. mguimond1990

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    Oh weird my bad! I thought they were doing them Sundays, Tuesday’s, and Fridays. We’ll see what it looks like tonight 😊
  3. mguimond1990

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    I wonder what the crowd levels were like for the past couple parties after opening night. There were conspiracies on here that opening night would seem limited for all the vloggers, media, etc. Pretty much every night is sold out going forward so you’d think crowd levels will be the same 😊
  4. mguimond1990

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    I’m sure this has been discussed somewhere in the other 340 pages, but it really surprises me that sea world and universal didn’t follow suit. They usually always follow each other, and now Disney is looking like the odd one out.
  5. mguimond1990

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    Is it entirely possible that these weren’t sold at 100% “after hours capacity” because of restrictions? I know a few pages back someone shared a screenshot of a conversation with a CM saying they reopened the dates due to COVID capacity. I’m not sure I believe it, but it could be possible I...
  6. mguimond1990

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    I feel like the sell out dates for late sept & Oct just confirms to all of us that folks are planning their trips once the 50th celebration starts. Which makes me feel hopeful for my trip at the beginning of Sept 🤣
  7. mguimond1990

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    How strict do we think they’ll be at the “enter the parks at 7pm” rule? I know previous Halloween parties you could enter at 4p even tho it wasn’t advertised that way. I doubt 4p is something they’ll allow this year, but I wonder if 7 is the absolute earliest
  8. mguimond1990

    Disney After Hours BOO BASH

    Just bought two tickets for the first week in Sept. Really hoping these are capped like previous After Hours parties. Cuz the last two Halloween parties we attended were so crowded and miserable. I’m ok spending the extra money for a less crowded experience
  9. mguimond1990

    New discounts announced for Walt Disney World Resort hotel stays

    I could be wrong, but I think this is the first discount that has included the little mermaid rooms at AOA.
  10. mguimond1990

    Best Place to find Music/Audio from Disneyland and Walt Disney World?

    Another vote for sorcerer radio. The ads aren't insane like other services Ive tried and they didn't different channels like Atmosphere, Spa, Seasons, and even one for the music that plays on Resort TVs. Definitely worth a look!
  11. mguimond1990

    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    what is the “full portfolio of direct to consumer services” ?...100mil subscriptions can’t all be Disney+.
  12. mguimond1990

    What kind of discounts will we expect starting Mid July?

    Agreed. The resort fees are getting out of hand tho. I believe all MGM resorts fees are over $40 a night.
  13. mguimond1990

    What kind of discounts will we expect starting Mid July?

    Let’s just say I’ve been pricing out Vegas trips for September..round trip flights for 2 and a stay at the mirage was under $700. I’m gonna wait this out a little longer before I book any trips, but if Disney offers any sort of substantial discounts for September I am there!
  14. mguimond1990

    Be A Savvy Traveller Promotion?

    It’s not a FL resident promotion.
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