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    Boardwalk area

    Got that right!
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    Boardwalk area

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    Boardwalk area

    A Comedy Club would be a good addition to the Boardwalk area.
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    Critical Drinking

    1. Zooberry at Blue Zoo
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    Swan and Dolphin

    Just got a great price for next year at the Dolphin. Love the rooms, location and restaurants!
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    Am I Alone... WDW Food is BAD

    The Dockside bucket of fried clam strips at the Boathouse are the best I have ever eaten!
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    Best Extinct WDW Foods

    Miss the Peanut Brittle from the MK Main Street Confectionery
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    News New Park Entrance coming to Epcot

    I just read that the Disney Art store will be eliminated. What a shame. But they have to add a beer garden?
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    Bluezoo question

    They do participate in TIW and also have a loyalty program that is great if you dine in Swan/Dolphin signature restaurants at least once per year.
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    Bluezoo question

    They will allow lounge menu items in the main dining room if it is a larger party.
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    Bluezoo question

    You can eat from the full menu in the lounge. as well as from the lounge menu. We do it all the time.
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    Grand Floridian

    That's what I thought might be the case since they did the same at the Yacht Club. Too bad. An overhead fan is so nice to have.
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    Grand Floridian

    Are there overhead fans in the rooms at the Grand Floridian?
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    Shula's at the Dolphin?

    No, don't. You can always share as we do. You really don't want to leave anything behind. And if you're still hungry (but I doubt it) there is plenty of food to be had in the area.
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    WDW Food Pictures Of The Day Part II

    Garlic and red pepper flakes, but oh so good!
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