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  1. mammaminnie

    Where do your children enjoy eating in Epcot?

    My kids beg for Via Napoli every visit
  2. mammaminnie

    Pandora Preview

    Is anyone else taking advantage of one of the DVC member previews for Pandora/Avatar Land? We are signed up for the May 22nd one and definitely looking forward to it!
  3. mammaminnie

    How Many DVC Resorts Have You Stayed At?

    We've stayed at: Saratoga Bay Lake Tower Polynesian Animal Kingdom Lodge- Kidani Beach Club Boardwalk And then we are staying at OKW in a few weeks. VGF is one of our home resorts, but we can never get availability for our dates.
  4. mammaminnie

    Anyone know what is happening at Epcot?

    Here is a screenshot from twitter.
  5. mammaminnie

    Anyone know what is happening at Epcot?

    I'm seeing reports of a power outage due to a blown transformer.
  6. mammaminnie

    July 9, 2017- 12 day British Isles Cruise!!!! AAAHHH!!!

    Very jealous!!! British Isles is on my bucket list for sure. We are toying with Alaska next year which is also on my list.
  7. mammaminnie

    9 days until the hopefully sunny Eastern Caribbean

    We are a little over a week away from the 2nd Annual Kingdom Konsultant Family Cruise. This year we are heading to the Eastern Caribbean for7 nights and I can't wait!!! This trip will just be a Mother/Daughter trip for my 11 year old and I. We are going to do some zip lining in St. Thomas and...
  8. mammaminnie

    2015 WDWMagic Family Cruise

    It's cruise day!!!!
  9. mammaminnie

    Disney Cruise FAQ's

    When we sailed on the Fantasy out of PC, we stayed at a Port hotel and arrived right at Port opening time and only waited 2-3 minutes after checking in before we boarded. We were not held up anywhere along the process. Other than online check-in, I was never asked where I came from (airport...
  10. mammaminnie

    Star Wars Day at Sea roll call.

    Exactly what I was going to say. Since the Concierge sun deck has walls all around it, it really limits the view to straight up.
  11. mammaminnie

    Star Wars Day at Sea roll call.

    I personally would rather do a Star Wars cruise than Star Wars weekend at the Studios. The crowds are so much more controlled number wise on a cruise than in the park. Not to mention, it's a nice relaxing vacation as well.
  12. mammaminnie

    How Many Days Until Your Next Disney Cruise???

    105 days until the 1st WDWMagic/Kingdom Konsultant Family Cruise!!!
  13. mammaminnie

    To change stateroom or not....

    Same with my husband! He actually prefers to sit on our balcony with a drink vs up near the pools. Must more quiet and relaxing.
  14. mammaminnie

    unable to dock

    We have lucked out so far and have never missed a port on a cruise. We are doing a Castaway Cay double dip this summer and I am hoping my luck continues!
  15. mammaminnie

    Trip Report Viva Italia!! My Adventure by Disney!

    I soooo want to go on one of the Adventures by Disney Italy trips....definitely top of my bucket list.
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