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    Thanksgiving Restaurant Recommendations?

    Definitely Liberty Tree. Classic place for a holiday meal.
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    Jersey Shore / Photo Tour

    Beautiful. My wife and I were planning a day trip to Wildwoood this past weekend with our dogs, but she was called into work. Thanks for the pics. Maybe we'll make it next weekend....
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    Universal is DANGEROUS but Art Smith's is AWESOME

    We took a long weekend this past week to visit my daughter in FL and visit Universal and Animal Kingdom. We started our day on Saturday with brunch at Art Smiths before our Universal visit. I was a bit uncomfortable at the restaurant because there really wasn't much spacing. However, I did...
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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    4 days ! Leaving Friday afternoon from Philly at 3:00 PM. Will be seated at The Boathouse by 8:30PM and sitting at Art Smith's the next morning for brunch !
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    Favorite place to grab a cold one?

    Spice Road Table in Morrocco at Epcot. Those bartenders make the best Long Island Iced Teas.
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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    13 days. Flying into Jacksonville to visit our daughter, then we're driving down to stay in Kissimmee. One day at Universal Studios and one day at Epcot. Could not get into any other parks.
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    Children Returning to Schools

    My daughter is a speech therapist at a school in Jacksonville, FL. She and her colleagues go back this Wednesday. They're going to set up their workspaces for social distancing, and the kids come back next week. We'll see how it goes.
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    Woke mob now coming after Trader Joe's

    How long until someone goes after Trader Sam on the Jungle Cruise ride ?
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    The Christmas Season Starts In November or December - Poll/Debate

    I would venture to suggest October. I just said to my wife yesterday that we better get to our local Walmart this week to pick up pool chemicals because in a few weeks the pool stuff will be off the shelves and the Christmas decorations will be on the shelves. The Hallmark Channel starts...
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    Jersey Shore / Photo Tour

    Love the Jersey shore. Thanks for the pics !
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    Please explain the Tiki Room

    I can't get my family to go back to the show. We walk past it, and I always say "Let's do the Tiki Room !" but they just keep walking. Been to Disney many times, and we've done the show once. The same goes for the Skipper Canteen restaurant right up the way from the Tiki Room. I have wanted...
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    Cast Members during COVID

    Agreed. I must say that they're extra nice during these trying times. It seems that 99% of the cast members told us to "Have a Magical Day" or just a great big "Hello there." I wonder if their leaders are stressing politeness to the visitors who are braving the virus to visit Disneyworld ?
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    Disney's Magical Express Mid-Covid

    I pack some extra clothes, and then I wrap the bottles with my t-shirts. And yes, I try to pack only plastic bottles if possible.
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    Frontier Airlines putting out some fantastic deals

    I bought two more. Flying into Jacksonville later this month. Flying into Orlando in late September. I was very impressed with my last flight on Frontier in July. Very clean. Middle seats were not occupied so there was distancing. Only issue was two guys refused to wear masks. They weren't...
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    VRBO/Homeaway 4+ BR rental with Harry Potter themed room?

    My wife just showed me one yesterday. It was pretty cool, but expensive.
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