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    theme park or other food pictures

    OMG. We were in IOA all day and everyone was famished; hangry is more like it. No one could make a choice on where we wanted to go until my wife finally put her foot down and dragged us into Captain America Diner. I must tell you it was the worst park meal I had in the 25 years I've been...
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    Halloween Horror Nights Possibly Getting a Feature Film

    If they follow through with this, it will be nothing more than a "Sharknado" production. Not saying that's bad. I know myself that I find it hard to turn the channel when I see those horrible special effects, Ian Ziering, Tara Ried, and Benji Bronk.
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    DVC resale prices affected by the current situation ?

    I don't intend to buy at this point. I'm going to be very conservative where I throw my cash reserves. Not sure where this ride is going to take us.
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    Netflix...What would you recommend?

    TIGER KING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Pre-Trip A Postponed, first trip, pre-trip report!

    Condolences to all who have all had to cancel or postpone. I hope Disney marks these cancellations and does a little something extra special for them when rescheduling. They deserve some Disney Magic.
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    The Great Movie Ride what would have you changed?

    Please, not another Star Wars ride or Avengers at this time which would only cause more and more get-in-a-group-madness. I loved the Great Movie Ride. But I realize the commitment of the Imagneers to put something in there that was new, exciting, and technically awesome; which they did. I...
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    DVC resale prices affected by the current situation ?

    I'm not looking, but I was wondering that given the current shutdown of Disney resorts, will this affect how resale points are priced ?
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    Trip Report THE ONE...(February 2020)*COMPLETE*

    Great wrap up to a fantastic report.
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    Invest in a Toto toilet. Sprays and dries; no need for paper.
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    Trip Report "That's not Ben!"

    I'll be looking for us in your pics too ! We were there 3/5 - 3/9.
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    Trip Report "That's not Ben!"

    Like your pics !
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    Trip Report From Disney to Jacksonville

    Thanks Disstevefan1 & Darstarr. Glad you enjoyed our first attempt at a trip report. We're hoping to have another one to share sometime in 2020.
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    Trip Report From Disney to Jacksonville

    We got off Tower of Terror and started our melancholy exit from Hollywood Studios knowing it was the end of our March journey. I feel lucky now knowing what happened just a week after our visit; a full Disney closure. As we exited down Sunset Blvd., something caught my eye which was a fitting...
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    Trip Report From Disney to Jacksonville

    We finished up and hurried across the park to ride our favorite, Tower of Terror. We were able to get in line, but it seemed like everyone else wanted to finish up on ToT. It was about a 30 minute wait, but we made it.
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    Trip Report From Disney to Jacksonville

    We jogged over to Smuggler's Run, and it was only a 20 minute wait. It was my first time as a Pilot; not too successful.
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