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    Permanent Ralph Breaks The Internet Family Play Zone Debuts at Epcot

    I only hope we never lose sight of one thing — that it was all leading to a lame playground.
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    Are you a 'waver'?

    I wave lots. Why not? Giving waves costs nothing.
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    Gravity Wheel Not Turning at Mission: SPACE

    So, what’s a rough estimate of how much $ it would cost to fix the gravity wheel?
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    Daily food budget?

    This. At sit down, my DW and I usually split an appetizer and entree and each have drinks. This can be in in $50-60 total, so $25-30/person. We do the same for CS and sub a side for appetizer, for about $30 total. Add a snack, drink elsewhere during the day, and were at about $70/person/day...
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    News Cuts to Citizens of Hollywood

    Are the cuts permanent? I certainly could be mistaken, but haven't their total numbers at any given time fluctuated a bit (seasonally?) over the years? While I don't know precisely how much the actors make, I can't image cutting some of them for budget reasons would amount to more than a...
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    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    And this. My point is that what TP does is totally fine for their purpose - to make money selling books/app subscriptions - because they are providing estimates, not guarantees. And, of course, the near real time data available from multiple sources to everyone while in a park is of greater...
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    News Liberty Square Riverboat closing for long refurb

    Thanks for the photos. Would love to know status today. Is it finished refilling? When is the refurb scheduled to be complete?
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    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Anyone have current budget estimate for this build?
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    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    No, it's not even close to random, by definition. It's an entirely self-selected sample, doubly so. Selection bias issues with the sample by definition. It may be representative, though it's not clear what population it may be representative of. I'm not sure what the unit of analysis is in...
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    News Tomorrowland love

    Credit where and when credit is due. Good job WDW! You did that reasonably quickly, as demo should be done.
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    Do you use the Train at Magic Kingdom?

    I really enjoy it, but we don't ride it every time we go. Kind of depends on how crowded the park is and how long it takes to do our higher priority attractions. Old FP, we rode it every trip; FP+, fewer than half our trips now.
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    News PHOTOS - Prince Charming Regal Carrousel behind scrims for refurbishment

    I remember the painting occurring in plain view on Main Street as well, and liked it. Thought it sort of fit on MS since that's how turn of the century shop owners would have done it in the real world. Very glad that upkeep is happening. But it seems like WDW is in a race with my local road...
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    Uzima Spring Pool and Bar closed @ Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo

    So, sorry to hear that happened.
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