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  • Cool. My idea for the Incredibles is this; about a year after the first film the Incredibles are finally out of hiding and battling more villains. Several of other superheroes have also come out of hiding and are now protecting the innocent. Soon enough, though, thing turn ugly as more powerful and dangerous villains come out of hiding. The film would be action packed and would definitely match up to the first film. Here is a general idea of one scene. Dash is running from one enemy armed with a machine gun slash bazooka. A missle from the rocket launcher propels Dash onto the side of a building where he runs along the window in a fashion like him running on water in the first one. The guy begins firing which causes the window he is running on to explode and propel him towards the street.
    Thanks for the friend request. The Incredibles ARE awesome. I had some ideas for a sequel.
    thank you Master Yoda! OH! Happy Thanksgiving! Oh! my movie Star wars on dvd is playing in my dvd! I have to go and see it! Yoda need me!
    Port Orleans Riverside. You might also see PO or POFQ which stands for Port Orleans and Port Orleans French Quarter.
    Thank you EPCOT Explorer! I will do that Do you know something Illuminations:reflections of Earth is my favorite fireworks show!

    Ok well than answer these q's

    1.What does OPACY stand for?

    2. Are you part of Camden Talk?

    3. What is the name of the Warehouse in left field?
    KingMickey I have to get ready for a Tropical Storm Fay is coming and I have to stay home and protected! And I am Scared! Pray KingMickey for the storm to pass us!
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