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  • Hey is there any way you could please re-upload the Timekeeper collection?
    I actually lost most of my music a few years back, I don’t have it unfortunately.
    General Mayhem
    General Mayhem
    Noooooooo, alright. Sorry to hear that.
    Hey I was wondering if you still had any of your medley mp3s from the various parks available anywhere (youtube?) I have your Magic Kingdom and Epcot ones and love them, but I was wondering if you had finished the other parks. I also saw your Disneyland and USO/IOA ones up here, but the links were dead.
    Lady Gaga's my IDOL!
    join _________! Its a cool website with some of the members from here!

    okay, I'll just PM the website to you...:lookaroun
    Actually, I've barely been going to DL this time. Ive been spending most of my time hanging around the apple store, playing with the black iPhones until the white one comes out. My 3G is becoming really slow because is on the new apple software. It stinks and all of my apps have glitches. :( but I'm mostly in Anaheim for one reason...I was invited to go to a lady gaga concert. :lol:
    At my school, I really wanted to take drivers Ed, but it was full and my dad said he wasn't paying a professional because he thinks he's so good at driving that he could teach me. :lol:
    Oh cool! I haven't had enough time to get my permit, but I'm studying for the test. I'm trying to get it by the end of the summer.
    Hey, you may dislike the place you live in, but at least you didnt have to go to school with a bunch of people who look like santa! :lol:
    Yeah, finals were horrible! I don't even know what I got on them, but hey, I didn't get a letter for summer school so I guess I passed...
    A high school...full of people who look like they're 30! Half of them had full beards and they didnt bother to shave em!!!!!:eek::eek:
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