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  • I am asking you to collaborate with me on a Combination Disney-Universal Resort in Brazil. I have already posted Disney-Universal Studios, and the Port of Entry section of Disney-Universal's Islands of Adventure.
    The game was originally stationed here, but we have since added a satellite team on VisionsFantastic. We post all announcements on WDWMagic, but we copy and paste to both sites.

    Hey just reminding you that project two of SYWTBAI has started and your immunity from the first project is gone. Just making sure, don't want to lose you so early on in the game.
    Change of plans sorry, if you could let me know your insights and such by TONITE (Sunday) at 8pm EST. As i wont be home tomorrow, sorry if this late.
    Sorry, and Thanks

    Hehe I just quit the park, one of the rides that I've been working on for a while didn't work. But you can look at my contest! It's called The Coaster Showdown, and it's in the coaster competition section...hmmm the website closed right now. Is it that way for you too?
    haha yeah I'm working on my own Disney park right now. I'm not a mastermind or anything so it's pretty simple. But I'm making the biggest thrills in the park right now. One will be located in a village called...uh...well...Villain's Vale, it will be a roller coaster based on well uh... sleeping beauty, in a castle, there will also be village located across from called... well something that would be a good happy village....I'll take suggestions.
    Lol. I do go on the RCT3 section on the Atari forums, though I do not have a username. I love RCT3! Although, I literally take days trying to figure out the perfect look for the buildings and such. I like to make verything look perfect, which results in me completely deleting and re-building stuff!
    no haha but I will put you in the description of a new one, it's called fiotw-future imagineers of the world.
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