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  1. imagineer boy

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Glad to see SGE is finally biting the dust. But I'll echo what everyone is saying, what does Wreck it Ralph have to do Tomorrowla- oh why bother. It's pretty clear that Disney stopped caring about cohesive theming a long time ago. Its like: "Oh look a place to put a new ride in. SHOVE IN THE...
  2. imagineer boy

    Last Imagineering Home Run at Florida Resorts

    Tower of Terror was not just a homerun, but a grand slam. Everything about it is perfect, I would not change a thing. Everest while definitely a great ride I do have problems with. I personally feel it should be longer plus I felt the build up to the Yeti AA was never that great. Plus I always...
  3. imagineer boy

    Why Have People Put Up With Disney So Lazy and Cheap?

    My biggest issue with Disney now is that they are sticking to what's safe and marketable with their new attractions instead of coming up with anything original. What was the last original attraction added to the parks? Yep, Expedition Everest and that was ten years ago. All I can say is that...
  4. imagineer boy

    Figment is Now A Fail...

    I would love to see a new version of the old ride but made with trackless technology like Pooh's Hunny Hunt in TDL. Now that technology was practically made for this ride!
  5. imagineer boy

    Why is Disney getting rid of the little things?

    This is why they get rid of them:
  6. imagineer boy

    The Force Awakens - spoiler thread

    I saw it a while ago and thought I'd post my thoughts. I thought it was good but honestly I feel it is way over praised. The fact that the plot is almost exactly identical to A New Hope really made me bored. Saw what you will about the prequels, at least the nods to the original trilogy were...
  7. imagineer boy

    Hollywood Studios New Name?

    "A Tribute To All Movies But Mostly Star Wars and Frozen" But seriously how about "Disney's Cinema Adventure"?
  8. imagineer boy

    The Spaceship Earth Story

    While I'm not a fan of the recent refurb (the guests' faces on the characters is fun, but I feel like it belongs in a different attraction since spaceship earth really is more serious in tone than that) it is still a great ride. Truly a masterpiece.
  9. imagineer boy

    If you could replace a WDW ride/show with it's DL version, which one would it be?

    Well I wouldn't say its about replacing Dinosaur with Indy, but bringing Indy over here period (perhaps at DHS).
  10. imagineer boy

    Muppet land at DHS--will it finally come to fruition?

    I'd love to see "The Great Muppet Movie Ride" concept come into being. If they were ever to close Muppet Vision 3-D that would be an ideal replacement.
  11. imagineer boy

    Muppet land at DHS--will it finally come to fruition?

    Haha very true as I am growing weary of "franchise lands" which have become all the rage since Harry Potter at Universal. But having that said I think a Muppet mini land would be great. There is a lot of potential there.
  12. imagineer boy

    Ratatouille Ride at EPCOT?

    No more character themed attractions at Epcot PLEASE.
  13. imagineer boy

    Getting Rid of the Hat Ruin HS Hub?

    Oh I am so glad the hat is gone. I too had chills looking down Hollywood BLVD and seeing the Chinese THeater in all its glory. And yeah the DJ is god awful. I really hate when Disney feels it needs to be all crunk and hip yo! But on the positive side the stage at least isn't as awful as the...
  14. imagineer boy

    If you could replace a WDW ride/show with it's DL version, which one would it be?

    Indy definitely (though located at DHS instead of Animal Kingdom), POTC is an easy choice, and I'd also include Space Mountain (I think its superior to WDW's. Less rough and much more convincing special effects), as well as Fantasmic and Jungle Cruise.
  15. imagineer boy

    How about a Liberty Square expansion?

    I love Liberty Square! Probably the most underrated land in all of Disney World. Haunted Mansion is ofcourse a classic, Hall of Presidents is great (PLEASE don't get rid of it), love the Liberty Tree Inn, and Columbia Harbor House is my favourite restaurant in all of WDW. That's fascinating...
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