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  • We're originally from Lancashire in North West England and Preston isn't a small place, so moving to Elgin, Moray, took alot of getting used to!! But it was so lovely and quiet and clean! there were no crowds, the drivers were so considerate and the beach was a five minute drive away! We only agreed to move down here because of the job opportunities! And we figured we would never get the chance to live down here again so we just seized the chance!! Have regretted it sometimes as London just seems so claustrophobic and at first, I always felt really dirty and you could really tell the difference in air quality! And, it even made a big difference on the feel of my dogs fur!

    We definately have plans to move back to Scotland, although we both fell in love with the Perth / Dundee area.

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but whereabouts in Scotland are you from? I spent 18 months in Morayshire right up in the north before they moved us waaaaay down here! Talk about a culture shock! We're already making plans to get back up there as soon as we can!
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