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  1. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Spirited Special II: DHS Guardians Tower Not Dead; DL to Trade Nostalgia For Star Wars Pyro

    I evidently haven't posted a lot, let alone for a long time either. But this stuff is just disturbing on so many levels. I hope things get delayed indefinitely as far as GotG stuff, or any of their IP forced crap, at least until 2018. Because, that would be right around the time Iger's contract...
  2. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Tower of Terror Desktop Wallpaper

    Hey everyone! After having conquered Tower of Terror during this year's recent trip, I decided to create my own take on a Tower of Terror desktop wallpaper. Enjoy! Here it is: (New Link that doesn't start the downloading immediately)...
  3. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Crowds last week?

    Thanks. I'm starting to feel a bit more at ease as far as crowds go now :)
  4. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Crowds last week?

    Okay. Sounds like it will be manageable at least. Thanks!
  5. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Crowds last week?

    The first year I was down around that time for the free dining (2008), crowds were pretty good. Lighter than usual. The year after that though (2009), it seemed to have picked up a little bit. The crowds were still fairly light, but just seemed to me to have increased a bit from the previous...
  6. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Crowds last week?

    This is a question for anybody who was at the world last week... What were the crowds like? Were they manageable?. The reason I ask is because I will be down the week of the 8th, and with the free dining in the later part of the month I would like to think it won't be as crowded as usual. Don't...
  7. IfWeCanDreamIt

    In-Room Safe Size?

    Good to know! Thanks!
  8. IfWeCanDreamIt

    In-Room Safe Size?

    Does anyone here know from experience whether or not the in-room safes are big enough to hold an iPad? More specifically, the ones in the Beach Club resort? Thanks in advance for any responses!
  9. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Retro Epcot shirts

    I haven't been for a few years now, and was wondering if they still had a good selection of retro epcot shirts. Also, wondering if they might have a few new ones even. Thanks in advance!
  10. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Early August crowds

    Okay, thanks. I had wondered. I definitely know about the crowds near the end though, because last time I was there, it was a zoo!
  11. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Early August crowds

    I was just wondering if anyone might know what the crowds would be like in the first week or so of August. Thanks in advance for any response!
  12. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Interview, here I come!

    I have successfully completed the phone interview, and now I am just waiting for the face to face interview locations and times for the international summer program. Any advice for the interview?
  13. IfWeCanDreamIt

    Just waiting for a response now!

    I just had my phone interview today for the summer work program, and I think I aced it! Now all that's left is to get a response saying whether or not they want a face to face interview.
  14. IfWeCanDreamIt

    International Summer Program?

    Thanks for the advice! The way I see it, It'll be a rewarding job, with some of the best days off ever.
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