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Recent content by hitogoroshi

  1. hitogoroshi

    AKL Night vision goggles

    I definately will :animwink:
  2. hitogoroshi

    AKL Night vision goggles

    Thanks!! Guess I'll email guest services and ask them for it. Maybe they can supply their room with some, so I can surprise them!!
  3. hitogoroshi

    AKL Night vision goggles

    That's too bad... I talked to someone in the parks once and he told me, that he was siting on his balcony all night and watched the animals with these goggles... Is the Arusha Rock savanah overlook area open late?? Can you go there all night??
  4. hitogoroshi

    AKL Night vision goggles

    I'm sending my parents to the AKL in a few weeks and I was wondering, if they have the night vision goggles in all the rooms, or if they can get them at check in??? They love animals, so I got them a savannah view room, I'd like them to sit outside on thier balcony and look at the animals all...
  5. hitogoroshi

    Ride videos!!!!

    same here :(
  6. hitogoroshi

    DLP in a day???

    Thanks so far!!! So I guess the crowds aren't what you're used to from WDW... sounds good to me!! PLease keep the thoughts coming though... :sohappy: Two more questions: 1. Are the fireworks worth staying (I know, it's no wishes, but is it as bad as the old Magic Kingdom fireworks used...
  7. hitogoroshi

    DLP in a day???

    I will be going to DLP in a few weeks and I was wondering if you can get through both parks in a day, or if you need both days?? Do they have a fastpass system there?? It would be great, if someone could help me, as I need to plan my trip!! Thanks... :wave:
  8. hitogoroshi

    Haunted Mansion??

    I was wondering how the haunted mansion is in DLRP?? From what I've read, it is a walk-through attraction?? What happens in it?? I would be greatful for some spoilers, as I am not a big fan of walk-through scary stuff... but I can't go to Disney without being in the Haunted mansion!! Thanks...
  9. hitogoroshi

    MGM on a rainy day

    Unless there´s lightning, Fantasmic is running!!! Enjoy!!!
  10. hitogoroshi

    Best Hotel??

    Thanks a lot everyone!!! So far, I think I will either choose the New York or Sequoia Lodge... but keep these ideas coming... :)
  11. hitogoroshi

    Update from the MK

    What's the new ending for Illuminations?????? :veryconfu
  12. hitogoroshi

    best offsite hotel for us

    It's true... the doubletree is in walking distance to downtown Disney!! There's great transportation from Downtown Disney to all of the parks throughout the day!! ou should check on some of the off-site hotel shuttle services, because soe of them have their last bus pretty early and you don't...
  13. hitogoroshi

    Best Hotel??

    Sounds great!! hanks!! Has anyone been to any of the other hotels?? Are they comparable to wdw in terms of themeing, looks and comfort??
  14. hitogoroshi

    Best Hotel??

    My girlfriend got me a trip to Disneyland Paris in March for Christmas. We haven't decided on the hotel yet, any sugestions?? I'll probably only go there once, so I want to make it as memorable as possible!! Thanks for helping out!!
  15. hitogoroshi

    Jiko's at Animal Kingdom

    I have eaten there in March and the food was excellent!! I would take a look at the menu, because the food is very sqecific and maybe not everybody's taste. But if you find something you like, you can eb sure it will be just perfect!!! And the wine selection is excellent!! They're said to have...
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