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I will be going to DLP in a few weeks and I was wondering if you can get through both parks in a day, or if you need both days?? Do they have a fastpass system there?? It would be great, if someone could help me, as I need to plan my trip!!

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Hi there,

the answer to your first question depends on how much you want to see. If you only go to the parks to ride the biggest attractions (e.g. PotC, Phantom Manor, Space Mountain: Mission 2, RnRC, etc.) then you might just make it in one day. But if you want to do the parks justice you really need to visit for at least two days. The second park can be done in half a day (as claimed by some, I can still enjoy myself there for a complete day), but the first park, the Magic Kingdom style park, needs at least 1.5 days. The details in this park are just amazing...and the amount of attractions is too large to do it all in one day (although it still has less attractions than the US parks).

There is a FastPass system introduced in the parks as of 1999 or 2000 for the major attractions. More info about this can be found on this great website: http://www.services.chrismedia.co.uk/fastpass.html
While your at that site, visit the other pages as well to get prepared for your trip. Another great site which can help you plan your visit better is http://www.dlp.info

Enjoy your stay!


Its a good point made above, that if you want to spend some time walking around and appreciating things like theme and detail, then the original park can justify a day or more in its own right. It does have some really nice theming and it is a nice place to walk around and enjoy the scenery.
If you are happy to just get in, do the major rides and get out, then potentially you could do both in a day. This depends on crowds etc though obviously.


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Its a shame to try to rush round in a day - you`d miss so much - but if thats all you have...

Bear in mind DL park is roughly 1/4 - 1/3 bigger than WDW`s MK - wear good footwear! And you may not get it all in depending on the opening hours this time of year. If you must try it, save the studios until last - chances are many guests will have done most of it by late afternoon, but if you want to catch Moteurs.. Action check performance times before you leave it too late! I`d also Fastpass SM:M2 asap since its sure to be popular.

If you are familiar with WDW/DLC`s Star Tours and Honey, I shrunk you could skip them - they are identical apart from principle language. Peter Pans Flight is well worth it, but only with a Fastpass, and it can be popular.

Whatever you do, don`t miss Phantom Manor, Big Thundermountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Its a Small World or Space Mountain - these version knock the socks off their US equivilants. Indy Jones is great (more so now its forward - especially at dusk or night) and Snow White and Pinnochio are great fun, as is Casey Jr.

At the studios, don`t miss Rock n Rollercoaster (can YOU tell its the same layout as Florida?) Armaggeddon or Cinemagique. Catch Moteurs Action if you can and Animagique. The tram tour is not bad, neither is Animation. Don`t worry too much about the production tour if you are short on time.


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If it was as empty as it was for me on a weekday last week, then you can do this with ease if you skip parades and shows. Don't miss the stunt show at the Studios though!!!


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marni1971 said:
Whatever you do, don`t miss Phantom Manor, Big Thundermountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Its a Small World or Space Mountain - these version knock the socks off their US equivilants.

Agree 100%


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Thanks so far!!! So I guess the crowds aren't what you're used to from WDW... sounds good to me!! PLease keep the thoughts coming though... :sohappy:

Two more questions:

1. Are the fireworks worth staying (I know, it's no wishes, but is it as bad as the old Magic Kingdom fireworks used to be, cause I never really liked it...)

2. Is PotC any different?? I wasn't aware...


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Fireworks in DLP are seasonal - summer and holidays I think - but if you ever do get the chance FitS is quite something - its not full of high altitude booms due to noise regulations, but the entire show is launched off of Fantasylands roofs. Oh - Wishes is playing this summer!

PotC different... about as different as Cinderella Castle is to Sleeping Beauty`s! Compared to the WDW version it has a totally different layout, is MUCH longer, the animatronics are superb as are the special effects, each show scene is detailed and lit superbly, and the drops (yes, plural) are more like a mini Splash Mountain - Especially the final one (into the arsenal - you can get very wet!)

I can`t say it enough, the main E Rides I mentioned above are different in so many ways to WDW. Don`t miss `em!


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You could easily do the studios in one day - 2 days is good for MK.

PoTC was great - they have the "you WILL get wet" warnings like on WDW's Splash. We got in our boat (for the 4th ride) these polish folks fully suited up with ponchos. They didn't get wet from the drops - but they got wet from me. :D

Yes - fireworks ARE seasonal due to the proximity to the two airports :(

EDIT: One more tip

You'll find out why :)

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As a bare minimum, and based upon personal experience, I would say:

Disneyland Paris: 1 and 1/2 days
Walt Disney Studios: 1/2 day

so...2 days total should do it, but 3 if you don't want to rush things.


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awallaceunc, DLRP is welcoming disabled guests and offers a special pass which allows access to the rides in the Disneyland Park through the exit for the disabled guests and up to I think two persons accompanying the disabled guests. The queue lines in the studios have been designed to allow for disabled guest access so disabled guests have to queue in the second park.

The special access cards plus special guest park maps detailing limitations and restrictions (e.g. the number of stairs in the tree house) are available at City Hall.

The Disney Hotels have a limited number of rooms to accomodate disabled guests and offer special pricing for one extra room for the accompanying person(s). You should request these rooms during the reservation, if you need one of those.



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It takes a day just to find your way out of the maze!

I really don't think this question is answerable since it depends so much on the individual. It depends on what you mean by "get through." It depends on the crowds as well. I went for three days on my first visit in 1997 and was never bored, but then I like to go through things thoroughly and not rush. I spent four days plus at Tokyo DisneySea. So it just depends on your personality.

I met these girls while travelling in Italy. They said they were going to Switzerland and France and asked me what they should do. I asked them how many days they had. They replied, "We have one day for Switzerland and one day for France."

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