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    Tokyo Disney TR (1 year later)

    Been so busy I have not had a free moment to start but here we go........ It has always been a bucket list item to visit all of the Disney parks and we had previously discussed going for my wife's 40th birthday (2025). Backstory: We scored "cheap airfare" on Black Friday shopping 2016 on...
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    "Every parent at Disney"

    Thought this was funny and you guys/girls would enjoy! :)
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    Help with Tokyo Disneyland tickets!

    Also found this info... "Tokyo Disneyland® *admission tickets can be purchased at hotel ticket counter, which is located on the 2nd floor...
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    Help with Tokyo Disneyland tickets!

    1) I am of no help since we stayed at the Hilton :-( (we could have purchased tickets there with CASH only and only during certain hours) 2) Yes you can buy at the gate or here 3) Yes you receive a paper ticket at either location listed above
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    Southwest fans...come here

    Use this to check dates/airports quickly. I check on Tuesday/Wednesday every week to see if they have dropped.
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    I'm breaking ranks and going West

    We are heading out to DL June 17th - 27th and found a good deal through They have condo rentals within walking distance of the parks around your price range :) It is nice to have a full kitchen and multiple bathrooms as well :p
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    Escape from Tomorrow Film

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    What Souvenirs do you wish Disney would sell?

    Like this?
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    how much to upgrade from counter to table service? 18.54pp per day
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    Most Prized Disney Possession?

    My Vinylmation collection - all 300+ of them :lookaroun
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    Ohana question

    No :wave:
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    Your Top Three Park Items.

    Be careful trusting this method :lookaroun
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    No Feb 2012 Roll Call ???

    Right here :wave: Feb 1st - 7th CBR
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    Disney Incredibles movie Question :wave:
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    "The Braves have a problem with the name of Pixar's latest film."

    Here take your pick
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