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    India Pavilion?

    For what its worth, I'm in the camp of "this is great but it belongs in AK." When I first read the announcement from "that site" on twitter, my brain immediately just thought this would be an AK expansion. I can't even get excited about this in Epcot.
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    News Disney is restoring the Wonders of Life facade

    Reedy Creek is not a municipality. Since this is my field I try to clear it up on the boards as much as possible. It is an Improvement District which is set up by the Florida Legislature. There are other examples of Improvement Districts in Florida (aka West Villages in North Port). To say Reedy...
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    Not Allowed to Go to Resorts Anymore If You Aren't Staying There?

    My understanding is the guards have ALWAYS been tough on parking at the Contemporary since its an easy walk to MK. I was "resort hopping" to check out Christmas decorations with a friend, and we had a hard time parking at the Grand Floridian without a reservation. The guard eventually let us in...
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    Flight of Passage - Best Stand By Times?

    Does anyone have actual experience getting in line right before the park closes? I've read that potentially the wait could be an hour (or more depending on theater downtime). I really want to take a family member on it this Saturday but we weren't able to get FP (which I've been lucky enough to...
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    News Passholder Benefits Shifting

    The same deal was offered last year for passholders family and friends but it was in August (when the blackout dates were also lifted). This year its restricted to passholders above Gold, which was really disappointing.
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    News Passholder Benefits Shifting

    I am a FL passholder and make weekend and day trips to Disney at least once a month when I'm not blacked out. I love wandering around the World Showcase and AK is my favorite park for the lovely themed design. My husband hadn't been to the World since he was a kid, so we did a tour of MK, AK and...
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    News Passholder Benefits Shifting

    Wasn't that during the worst part of the recession though?
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    News Passholder Benefits Shifting

    I'm not disagreeing at all, but it seems bizarre that Disney lifted silver Passholder blackout dates the past two summers (two weeks in August were lifted in 2017). I actually had a sneaking suspicion this would happen again which is why I didn't upgrade to Gold this year.
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    Refreshments now sold in NRJ queue

    I was coming here to say exactly this, difference is that Universal carts offered booze. We were at Disney for Memorial Day weekend and I noticed drink carts at the Safari line and EE line.
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    CM's Who Lost It

    I never notice (or maybe I'm just too busy and didistracted) guests being rude to cast members but wow I witnessed an episode yesterday. It's the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend so the parks are incredibly crowded (plus a tropical storm looming in the tropics). We were in the standby line to...
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    What do Americans think of Disneyland Paris?

    Oh yes the arcades! How could I forget. I could have easily spent hours in the arcades. Would make such a nice addition to MK's main street. Pirates was a big highlight and I was a fan of Nautilus and Space Mountain. Phantom Manor was closed for refurbishment when I visited, still upset about that!
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    What do Americans think of Disneyland Paris?

    I absolutely loved our day at Disneyland Paris in February. It is a beautiful park and gorgeously themed, reminded me a lot of Animal Kingdom (I haven't been to the Tokyo parks yet). The park was clean, food was good (we ate at Toads Hall), and while it was moderately crowded the crowd was...
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    AP Card Still Needed?

    I am always asked to show my AP card with an ID for merchandise and dining discounts. Also, they were checking AP cards for the special Flower and Garden car stickers.
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    Debbie Downer wrote an article for Business Insider

    Eh, I saw a lot of overflowing trash cans at Disney posted on twitter in January/February (and I saw a lot of overflowing trash cans with my own eyes).
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    Narcocees or California Grill for brunch

    Wow! That sounds excellent. Thank you! I'm looking forward to it.
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