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  1. Fantasmic

    Movement Of Ride Vehicles On Water/Boat Rides

    I am pretty sure the water on Popeye & Bluto and Dudley Do Right over at IOA is chlorinated, that water is incredibly clean. Splash's defo isn't, it smells like "Splash Mountain" water... not pool water. The water on The Jungle Cruise/Pirates/Small World is manky. You don't wanna swallow any...
  2. Fantasmic

    Aurora's dess in Dream Along With Mickey

    Aurora's dress that magically changes colour... how DO they do it?!
  3. Fantasmic

    Christmas music overkill

    I LOVE sleigh ride.. but we heard it all the time in the parks!
  4. Fantasmic

    Christmas music overkill

    I said this to my DF whilst we were there... whilst the xmas music is nice.... it does change the mood of the parks and takes away so much of the ambiance!
  5. Fantasmic

    Too crowded!!

    You can thank Fast Pass+ for that. It's such a failure it's untrue.
  6. Fantasmic

    If you could have your Disney wedding anywhere in a Disney park where would it be?

    On Splash Mountain... Vultures saying "Time to be turning around, if only you could" LOL As we go over the big drop... I Doooooooooo I'm kinda serious.... :o Reception at Pirates of The Carribbean!
  7. Fantasmic

    Snake-Like Creature (and Ellen) gone from Universe of Energy

    Yup. So did I. It's a sad, sorry state of affairs when the parks AREN'T that busy, and rides like LWTL and JII have 30 minute wait. FP+ everybody.
  8. Fantasmic

    Snake-Like Creature (and Ellen) gone from Universe of Energy

  9. Fantasmic

    American Adventure AAs & storage

    We got to see this on the Backstage Magic tour just over a week ago. It was awesome, it's massive down there
  10. Fantasmic

    Scents> Which attractions?

    Skunk in imagination!
  11. Fantasmic

    Show us your MNSSHP costumes!! (and MNSSHP Pics!)

    It's that time of year again!!! I'm not going to MNSSHP this year as I;m working as a zombie at a local scarepark (Farmaggedon, the biggest in the UK!!)
  12. Fantasmic

    Was "Journey Into *Your* Imagination" really worse than the current version?

    Figment probably farts rainbows so it wouldn't be too bad if he did fart on me.
  13. Fantasmic

    Pick a Resort to stay and no Parks to play

    Fort Wilderness, lots of fun things to do there
  14. Fantasmic

    Maleficent has a new updated look for meet and greet

    That looks more like someones MNSSHP costume than the real deal. The make up is bad.
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