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  1. EvilQueen-T

    Too crowded

    Everyone told everyone else how slow October was same with early December so they're busy now. People are less worried about pulling their kids out of school or they home school or have alternative schedules than the traditional American school schedules. Disney as a business has become very...
  2. EvilQueen-T

    Minnie Van

    Thanks. That's actually the best explanation. Appreciate your time.
  3. EvilQueen-T

    Air Mattress in Value Resort?

    My niece, her 12 month old daughter, my granddaughter and I stayed at Sports. The rooms are the same size. We moved the table and she used a queen size air mattress at the bottom of my bed so that she could sleep with her daughter (she doesn't sleep well in a pack n play). We couldn't walk past...
  4. EvilQueen-T

    Minnie Van

    I've read conflicting reports about how fully operational the Minnie Van's are... meaning some are saying they are only picking up at certain deluxe resorts right now and others saying they've gone site wide to all the resorts. Has anyone stayed at one of the moderates or value resorts and been...
  5. EvilQueen-T

    Holding your hands up in the air on Space Mountain

    While he's never been willing to test the ability to touch the track, my hubby at 6 ft 3 can't fully extend his arms in the tunnel toward the end.
  6. EvilQueen-T

    Why Only Vacation At WDW?

    We generally do two types of vacations. Time at the beach, (it's where my daughter lives) and disney. We live just a hair over 2 hours from disney...so no flying is a money saver and we can go tomorrow if we feel like it even for the day but it's far enough away when we want to stay we feel...
  7. EvilQueen-T

    Chef Danny and the Flying Fish Crew... Fins Up!!!

    She's still telling anyone who asks about her summer or her vacation...basically anything that opens the door to telling the story. They were soooooo wonderful. Great group of people.
  8. EvilQueen-T

    Chef Danny and the Flying Fish Crew... Fins Up!!!

    I was eating at Flying Fish with my granddaughter during her spring break in March. We were seated along the open kitchen and my granddaughter got to talking to some of the chefs working that night. They were nice enough to not only talk to her but give her a tour of the back area and kitchen...
  9. EvilQueen-T

    A Picture From Your Disney Resort Window

    View from our balcony at Wilderness lodge in early June. We were in room 6?16. It's a bunk bed room. Sorry about the stormy skies but we had them pretty much the entire 10 days of our trip. We live here in FL and it's soooo weird to have all day type rain and keep overcast skies in the summer. I...
  10. EvilQueen-T

    Cali Grill on Thanksgiving

    If there's a delay you can go out and watch the fireworks while you wait but they're pretty good at getting you seated pretty close to reservation time.
  11. EvilQueen-T

    Parents night out! Where to dine?

    I agree with a prior poster ...if you can do V&A's do it. My next choices would be... Head to AKL enjoy the animals and some time at the lounge Victoria Falls or inside Jiko to the right when you walk in you can order a glass of wine with someone there who knows their collection then dinner at...
  12. EvilQueen-T

    The Edison

    Thanks sooooo much :) !
  13. EvilQueen-T

    5/26/2017 If you're driving now to WDW on I-75 South Bound

    For those of you who may be driving south on I-75 tonight and killing time looking at these forums...I just got a notification from ACSO there's been a vehicle fire with explosion on I-75 Southbound at the 378 mile marker. This is south of Gainesville but before the Turnpike. For anyone who...
  14. EvilQueen-T

    The Edison

    Any ETA for opening?
  15. EvilQueen-T

    Skipper Canteen vs Plaza Restaurant

    Haven't been to Skipper Canteen but we've done the Plaza a ton of times. Here's a few pics I have from there. chocolate milkshake They turned their steak philly into s chicken philly for me. Kids cookies and milk Not the best pic of their strawberry salad. Presentation seems to change...
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