Chef Danny and the Flying Fish Crew... Fins Up!!!


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I was eating at Flying Fish with my granddaughter during her spring break in March. We were seated along the open kitchen and my granddaughter got to talking to some of the chefs working that night. They were nice enough to not only talk to her but give her a tour of the back area and kitchen since she said she wanted to be a chef (something she's talked about since she was 4 1/2 and she's now 13). We had a fantastic meal and incredible service. When we went back in early June she decided she wanted to take them a thank you gift (an assortment of ghiradelli chocolates) to thank them. Before she could ever bring up the present, that was by then burning a hole in her pocket she was so anxious to give it to them, we had our meal. We had the same waiter and one of the chefs recognized her and started talking to her...let me just say it's a good thing I'm comfortable eating alone because my granddaughter was in her own little world talking with them lol. Next thing I know they bring her a shirley temple type drink on the house. At that point she couldn't hold off until the end of our meal and gave them her gift. Next thing I know they have her in the kitchen while a front of house manager was taking pictures lol. What I didn't realize was they were printing out the two pictures and all of them signed that nights menu and gave it to her to remember them. Absolutely her favorite disney moment ever!!! Now she tells everyone that you don't have to be in or work inside the theme parks to have disney magic. It was truly a fantastic night. And yes...the food is amazing too lol.




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