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    What to see in NYC?

    We really enjoyed scott’s pizza tour.
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    Kiehl's Opening in Town Center

    March 3rd
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    Hollywood and Vine - Lunch vs Dinner - can't decide

    May 14th is the first day for Minnie and the gang at lunch, up until that point it will still be Disney Jr for breakfast and lunch. :)
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    Morimoto at Disney Springs

    The closest parking would be the orange garage. It's very unlikely that it would be full at 5 on a Tuesday.
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    Shula's, yay or nay?

    I'd go with STK over Shula's, Yachtsman or Le Cellier.
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    Minnie Mouse costumes and locations

    Minnie is no longer with Mickey at Town Square Theatre, she does appear first thing in the morning at the flag pole in town square before heading to Pete's Silly Sideshow. Chip N Dale also got the boot from the inventions area fairly recently. Donald (and Daisy) can be met in his sailor suit...
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    Blaze Pizza opening in May 2016 at Disney Springs

    You really can't beat Buffalo pizza!
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    French Fries!

    That's disappointing, thanks for the info though. I had no idea they changed the fries at the Plaza. The only reason I'd brother to go back there was for the fries.
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    PHOTOS - The Polite Pig coming to Disney Springs

    I would guess it would be similar to their swine & sons provisions.
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    Town Center at Disney Springs closing early on July 15 for private event

    I wonder whose idea it was to close this area off to guests on a friday afternoon/evening. Seems like a really bad idea to me.
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    Is Disney Spings worth a visit?

    I'm actually in the market for a $200 t-shirt, which shop specifically would I find that in? To the OP Disney Springs is just like anything- some will like it some won't. Even if you don't like to shop it's a nice new place to walk around and all the old stuff in the marketplace is still there...
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    'Homecoming - Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine' coming to Disney Springs Summer 2016

    I'm like pavlov's dog over here! That sounds incredible!
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    Disney Springs construction begins

    That section in the boathouse store is where they make (made?) the personalized life savers you see hanging on the wall there.
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