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    Hello Again. I hope you and your family are doing well .

    Hello Again. I hope you and your family are doing well .
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    Trip Report Lebeau Family Trip Report 2019: Portofino Bay, Mardis Gras and Birthday Fun - Completed

    Thanks for posting your great pictures and your great family trip. I enjoyed reading and following along on your trip. Glad you had a great time.
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    Trip Report Are you worn out yet?? March 2018 **COMPLETED**

    Thanks for sharing your trip report and the lovely photos. Glad you had a great birthday and I really do need to get back to Walt Disney World.
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    Trip Report Somehow I'll make a fan out of you - January 2018 **COMPLETED**

    Enjoyed your great photos and trip report. Hope you both had a wonderful time.
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    How are things going with you and your family?

    How are things going with you and your family?
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    2017 Possible Vacation

    Are you able to get the Disney Dinning Plan if you stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground with a camper that you rent from Florida RV? What about staying in the Cabins at the Campground do you get the meal plan with them?
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    2017 Christmas Decorations

    I was wondering if anyone will know when the Christmas Decorations will go up around Walt Disney World and when they will come down for 2017 season?
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    D23 Member or Not?

    How can somebody find out if they are members to the D23 Disney Fan Club or not? I thought I joined some time ago but at this time I can't remember if I ever did or not.
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    Disney Wonder

    I can't seem to find out anything from Twitter so I came to here. Does the Disney Wonder still sail out of Galveston,TX?
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    For Danessa -- Deck recommendations for first time cruiser

    What about the Disney Wonder out of Galveston,TX for a first cruise? What deck could you recommend ?
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    First Cruise

    When going on your first cruise what deck is best to be on for your room ?
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    The Magic of Disney Animation

    I am sorry to be asking this if it has already been discussed on here by why did they close The Magic of Disney Animation facility?
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    Trip Report Our Wonder-ful October 2014 cruise and Magic Kingdom day

    I really enjoy reading your trip report and looking at the great photo's. I am glad you both had a great time. Our family trip was great as well (10-8,10-12) but that week was very warm and humid and Magic Kingdom on Saturday nite for the Extra Magic Hours was way to crowded.
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    Pre-Trip Counting down for our WDW trip in October

    Hope you have as much fun as my family did on our trip to Walt Disney World that we just had (10/8 thru 10/12)
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    Memory Maker

    Can someone explain the memory maker to me. We payed for it for our trip and now getting ready to look at the pictures. Do you have to buy the photos as well?
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