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  1. drcasey

    Covid Vaccine Updates and General Discussion About Vaccines

    My hospital should hopefully be getting the vaccines sometime this week. I’m tentatively hoping to get mine by Friday. My mom, who works at a hospital in another state, is already signed up to get hers first thing Wednesday morning
  2. drcasey

    Pre-Trip We are going back!

    I can’t wait to read your full trip report! For what it’s worth, I’m a doctor in central Florida and there’s no judgement here. I was actually at Universal all day yesterday and Disney Springs in the evening. I was planning on getting a Disney annual pass this year in addition to my universal...
  3. drcasey

    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    I’ll go back when the parks return to normal, no masks, no social distancing, parades and fireworks etc back on
  4. drcasey

    Baby Yoda/Mando meet and greet

    I will camp out for a week to be among the first to meet baby yoda and I am dead serious
  5. drcasey

    Convince Me, Dessert Parties Are Awesome or They Are a Waste of Money

    My mom and I did the HEA dessert party last May and it was worth it for us because we got a great view of the fireworks, dedicated space for us to sit down and stretch out and we didn’t have to fight the crowds or be in a mosh pit!
  6. drcasey

    Beach Club 1st timer. In’s and out’s?

    BC is my favorite resort, you’ll love it! Walking over to Epcot through the International Gateway is such a treat, it’s so peaceful. The boat to HS is also very relaxing. I totally agree with the poster above’s suggestion to go to France for breakfast. They have wonderful pastries, mimosas, and...
  7. drcasey

    First Trip to Wilderness Lodge! Tips Appreciated!!

    This sounds like absolute heaven! I’ve never stayed at WL but sounds like I have to put this on my bucket list
  8. drcasey

    Trip Report Livin' La Vida Local

    SO jealous of all your adventures! I just moved about an hour from Disney for my residency about 9 months ago but haven’t been down there very much because none of my friends are Disney freaks like me :arghh:
  9. drcasey

    Pre-Trip The trip that is all Tuvalu's fault.

    I just got back from a mother daughter trip with my mom! We went from May 12-19. It was our second Disney mother daughter trip and they are THE BEST! We also did the dessert party and it was totally worth it just to be able to sit and sprawl out while waiting for and watching the fireworks. You...
  10. drcasey

    Trip Report My first trip report of our 10 day trip (Updated 6-7-18)

    It’s so Intereting how different people have different experiences at restaurants! I actually was staying at the Beach Club at the same time as you. We had an outstanding meal at Jiko and a very mediocre one at California grill. We also had a wonderful meal at Le Cellier and a not good one at...
  11. drcasey

    BOG lunch...worth it?

    I’ve been to lunch at both and highly recommend skipper canteen over BOG. BOG was a complete zoo and made it totally unenjoyable. We waited in a huge line to get in even with reservations and the food was not good. My family really enjoyed skipper canteen and isn’t go back again in a heartbeat...
  12. drcasey

    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

  13. drcasey

    News Friendship Boat service to Disney's Hollywood Studios closing for refurbishment

    Noooooo! Taking the boats from the Beach Club to Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite things about staying at that resort and I’m going in 2 weeks. Curses
  14. drcasey

    Trip Report If you don't have a bag "entah" through the "centah"

    Congrats on the move! I just found out in March that I matched into residency in Florida so I'm moving there this June! I'll be in Ocala, about an hour and half or less from Disney. So crazy!! I'm so pumped I'll be so close to Disney, though I'm sure I'll be so busy I won't get to go very often...
  15. drcasey

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    So how many people park at resorts to go to the parks? You could park at the monorail resorts and monorail it to the mk, park at Epcot resorts and walk to Epcot/hs, and akl for a short bus ride to ak and avoid paying to park at the parks. Why doesn’t everyone do this?
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