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  • *Jer thinks I actually give a flying diddled@mn what my station is playing when I'm not here* :lookaroun
    I found your crush growing up...

    Mornin, Jer! It's your Friday, right?

    *sets time bomb in server for three hours after you go to bed tonight * :lookaroun
    Pat Benetar stuck in your head, Jer? Do you mean a song, or do you literally have Pat Benetar stuck in your head? :lookaroun

    PS: Happy Monday (Thursday)!
    We were at the beach

    Everybody had matching towels

    Somebody went under a dock

    And there they saw a rock

    But it wasn't a rock...
    Hello, tech support? Listen I couldnt remember my password so I tried like 78 different things and now I remember my password but it still won't let me in and I really need to get in because I've got a report that was due an hour ago that I had all week to work on but didn't because I wanted to do it today and now I can't because you broke my computer. Fix it NOW kthxbai.

    Happy Saturday, Jer! :D
    Please don't gooo Jeeeeeer
    It would ruin my whole world
    Tell me you'll staaaaaay
    Never, ever go awaaaaaay
    Jer, you're doing it all wrong. You're supposed to wait until just after I play the song... THEN call in and request it... THEN ask me if I can play it again since you didn't get to hear it (since you're obviously not listening to the station in the first place). Oh! And don't forget to make sure what you request is NOT in my format. ;)
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