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    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    So it would look like IKEA? lol
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    Na'vi River Journey reviews, comments and questions

    It is such a letdown after experiencing FoP. I really feel like all energy was focused on FoP and River Journey was an afterthought. We know Disney can do great dark rides . Even IASW has more movement and color, and variety than this. No excuse for not having more variety and more animatronics...
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    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    No but you could very easily compare any random moderate or value to say the Hyatt Grand Cypress which is at about $159 a night and below what the values are right now. Yes, the Hyatt has a parking fee but that is still about $170 a night with parking built in in a really nice hotel with a...
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    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    I hate the idea of paying for parking at all but wouldn't you have thought the parking tiers would have been reversed to give you incentive ? $25 for Bargains .. move up to a Moderate and your parking fee drops $19.. move up to a Deluxe and what it should have been is free parking.
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    Toy Story opening impact?

    Honestly, not much buzz at all about TSL. I for one am not really excited for anything there. It is a land that was downgraded from its original vision and just includes a couple off the shelf rides. Yipee. It exists solely to give HWS 2 more attractions.
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    FP for Avatar

    Well its just me and my wife with no kids so I really have no frame of reference at all . Living close with APs I am never in a rush for anything. Trying to think of it from perspective of someone maybe only having 3 days or something.
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    FP for Avatar

    I see your point there but with kids you kind of are eating into park time as you are getting them up early and making them wait in one place with nothing to do.. may tire them out sooner, make them grouchier, etc.
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    Should I rope drop for FOP??

    There is a wait either way. Either you wait an hour or so for rope drop then another 30 minutes for ride or wait in the ride queue. I hear early afternoon the wait drops a bit as people head to lunch. Morning and evening are jammed at 150 minute waits
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    FP for Avatar

    So you still wait at least 90 minutes. What is the point of rope dropping? 90 minutes at the front of the park sweltering in the sun or 120 minutes or so in a A/C que?
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    Yelling at Your Kids at Disney

    So kids should be allowed to just roam around freely? There are times when it is ok to yell at kids. They need to be scared of running or walking away from their parents. they could easily get lost or taken.
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    WDW Overlays

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but can anyone give any good reliable info as to why WDW has almost no overlays? Besides Jingle Cruise, I can't think of anything. Why no Star Wars Space Mountain? Why no Nightmare before Christmas HM?
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    First trip in 7 years...Tomorrowland is looking ROUGH.

    I have never been to DL Tomorrowland but I feel like Tomorrowland in WDW is a bit old and tired as well. They need to just abandon the whole TL concept. it doesn't work and is outdated within a few years of a refurb. Make it Space Land or something. I imagine WDW TL will get a huge update when...
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    Any News on a Pirates refurb?

    I am all for making it like the Shanghai Pirates. I like Pirates but it is old and a bit tired.
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    Holding on for dear life on new Soarin

    I had really hoped during the refurb that could have fixed the warped screen. I mean you really have to get the perfect seat in the middle for it to not be a distraction. It can be fixed. FoP doesn't have this issue. Pro Tip: if they don't seat you in the middle, if you ask for the middle and...
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    Express Transportation starting Dec 7th

    In the Magic Kingdom, they can get you closer to the front. That is the only park they have that advantage though. I think for families with strollers and kids it might be nice. Uber costs extra for car seats.
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