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  1. DisneyWorldGuru

    Accident at Disneyland

    Well as I said, I know all too well the dangers of working in the theatre industry. I myself have broke bones, had serious burns, not to mension tons of bumps and bruses. Its just sad to hear it when it happens. Sometimes sites like Playbill tell about major accidents, but yeah, most go...
  2. DisneyWorldGuru

    some people make even ME sick..

    I agree, some people are sick!
  3. DisneyWorldGuru

    Accident at Disneyland

    Disney worker injured in 'magic carpet' fall 'Aladdin' closed Tuesday and part of Wednesday for Cal-OSHA investigation. By DANIELLE HERUBIN The Orange County Register ANAHEIM – A stage technician testing the magic-carpet special effects for the Disney show "Aladdin" fell about 42...
  4. DisneyWorldGuru

    College Roll Call

    Wow, its been a while since I have been on. I have been working hard on finishing up school. I flopped around a lot. I started in cooking school and realized it wasnt for me, then I started in a BFA (bachlor of fine arts) for Lighting Design, took a few classes in Digital Arts, and now I am...
  5. DisneyWorldGuru

    Entertainment Tech Suggestions

    I was on stage crew at my high school. It was pretty much my life. This year i finish school (lighting major). i know one day I want to work for disney doing something to do with tech. theater. Now a member of of stage crew (a few years out of high school) got the job as head of lighting for...
  6. DisneyWorldGuru

    Steve, what happened to the MS pic?

    Well I hope they can be put back up after the ride opens.
  7. DisneyWorldGuru

    Disney World on the Simpsons

    Hey everyone, this is my first time back in a while. I have been so busy with work. But I wanted to ask who saw the Simpsons tonight. They made fun of Epcot and Disney World. I hope someone tapes it so i can download it later. Maybe someone on the west coast will get it. It was funny especially...
  8. DisneyWorldGuru

    Walt Disney World Connection Game

    Walt Disney's Coursel of Progress (also has Walt's name in the title)
  9. DisneyWorldGuru

    Resort Trivia

    Is Pop Century even open yet?
  10. DisneyWorldGuru

    Walt Disney World Connection Game

    El Rio Del Tiempo (I think thats the name of the boat ride in Mexico)
  11. DisneyWorldGuru

    Another Great Spot ...But Where?

    Sorry. Yeah this was harder then I thought. It is the floor to the Pop Century Resort (you can find the photo on the main site of WDW Magic) Here is the entire picture of the floor.
  12. DisneyWorldGuru

    Walt Disney World Connection Game

    Walt Disney & Mickey statue at MK (because EPCOT was Walt's dream)
  13. DisneyWorldGuru

    Resort Trivia

    I know one was the Contempory and I am guessing the Polynesian is the other (I think I heard somewhere that it was also prefab). If you look at one of the Disney Mag's from 2001 or 2002 there is a picture of Disney sliding one of the prefab rooms into place at the CR.
  14. DisneyWorldGuru

    Stupid- Trivia- Info

    How many floors does Disney Quest have? What can you do at the Wonderland Cafe? And in the Magic Carpets of Aladdin (sp?) what does the host on the pre-show movie say riding the rideis easier then?
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