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    Why do some threads get locked?

    I already ignore him, but when people quote his idiotic posts, we can still see his overly-malicious diatribes! That little vermin still needs to be banned! :mad:
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    Why do some threads get locked?

    Well, then, here's one case that needs to be handled right away that is long overdue---PLEASE BAN WDW1974!!! :mad:
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    Rumor-New LTM Fairies week

    Exactly! All the more reason to have an event with all of Tink's Pixie Hollow pals reuniting, especially since Fawn, Silvermist and Iridessa haven't been easy to see at WDW since the closure of Mickey's Toontown Fair. With rumors of the Adventureland Verandah being repurposed as a restaurant...
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    Pete's Silly Sideshow meet and greet to change operating hours

    I think the reason why the Peter Pan characters no longer appear in Caribbean Plaza is because they want that little section of the park to be devoted solely to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
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    Another 24 Hours of Disney Event?

    Have you forgotten about Long Lost Friends Week?! o_O
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    Pete's Silly Sideshow meet and greet to change operating hours

    It doesn't always work! It makes sense to build fixed locations for the REALLY popular characters (The Fab 5, the Princesses, the Fairies, etc.), but I do agree that the less-popular characters could have a little more freedom.
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    Al Weiss Retirement

    Which is not going to happen! :mad:
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    Al Weiss Retirement

    Spirit, Kevin Yee, SeaCastle, etc. are completely wrong! Others like Lee have already made it clear that Al Weiss' departure is going to bring more good things back to the company and that's that, so hush up!
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    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Discussion

    Correction: you mean "evil" spirit. :fork:
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    Tangled Meet and Greet Rumor

    Well, there are some forums that are far worse (MiceAge/MiceChat,, etc.).
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    Al Weiss Retirement

    I also disagree. I thought it was great and better than the original.
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    The return of old characters

    Sorry, but that article is from 2001, so it's old and not too relevant anymore.
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    Main Street Firehouse Gift Station Closing July 10

    Alphac, the characters can't roam freely as much anymore because: 1) They're prone to too much physical abuse from guests. 2) People want to be able to get good pictures with their favorite characters without other guests shoving in and getting in the way. 3) People love to meet the...
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    The return of old characters

    Shut up, you killjoy! After all, Eisner is gone from the company! Remember?
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