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  • heres a list of my adr's 21st-Sci Fi lunch,22nd Whispering Canyon Lunch,23rd Coral Reef Lunch,24th Ohana Breakfast and Whispering Canyon Dinner,
    hi thnx for gettin back to me O'hana is at 9:55am and my WC is at 4:30so we'll be there roughly the same times lol super cool ,where ya from if i may ask?
    just noticed something else neat ,I also have o'hana breakfast n Whipering Canyon Dinner on the 24th ever cool!
    Hey I don't know u but it looks like we are getting there on the same day thats awesome woohoo for 5 days
    well we had to cancel our september trip becausse my g/f couldnt get off work but we are all booked for december and got every dining reservation we wanted. Even got a code for free dining in December. So...instead of 7 days today its 88 days. Hope ya have a great trip!
    That's great yall have had tickets for that long. Love the die hard fans. That stadium looks sick! Definitely want to go. So when are you going to the world or did you go recently?
    I do like the Cowboys....however I like the Texans more. Although I could see why you wouldn't like the c'boys. I don't like the eagles.. =)
    Hey got my Tusker House Reservation like I wanted for 8:30!! hehe Time cannot pass quick enough for our trip. :)
    Le Cellier has become very difficult to book than it use to be. I wanted to get Tusker House AK at 8am, so you can get in before the park opens. But it was booked until 10:30, I think free dining season is what is making it difficult. I believe we are going to MNSSHP on the 22nd, Ive heard only good about it. This trip we will have 3, its me, my DG, and her mom. They have been many many more times than me, I went for my first time Jan 08 with them. This will be my 3rd trip now, Im hooked for sure!
    Awesome!!! I see you got LeCellier on the 26th I tried for the same day... Was online booking at 6a the morning of my 90 day mark and could not get a ressie during our entire trip!!! We are going to MNSSHP on 9/25! This is our second time going to the party. It is absolutely amazing! The parade and Hallowishes are one of my favorites!!! The headless horseman states of the parade and you will literally be in shock and awe with how real it looks. Here is where we are eating:

    9/23 Cape May Cafe breakfast
    9/24 Ohana breakfast and Whispering Canyon for dinner
    9/25 1900 Park Fare dinner
    9/26 Teppan Edo

    So how many people are you traveling with this trip? With me, it will be me, my DS and my BF since grade school. I am really looking forward to my BF's reaction, she hasn't been there in years!
    That's exciting! I just cant wait for our trip. We actually upgraded to the deluxe dining since the basic dining is free. So.. we are probably going to eat waaaaay too much but here is our reservations. Yes we are going to Mickeys Halloween Party!, we've never been to it before.

    9/21 Sci Fi & Prime Time
    9/22 Liberty Tree & The Crystal Palace
    9/23 Tusker House
    9/24 Chef Mickeys
    9/25 Cinderllas Royal Table & Rose & Crown
    9/26 Le Cellier
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