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  • I bet the stadium looks amazing!!! I'll get there for a game eventually!!! We leave for Disney on the 22nd!!! So excited!!! We there just there in December too though! What about you? Do you have a trip in the works? How 'bout them Horns!!!!
    WOW!! Well at least your honest about not liking the Eagles!! Been a fan since I was little!!! Hard not to be when your dad and two brothers bleed green!!! My Family has had season tickets for about 15 years now. Nothing like tailgating in South Philly bright and early Sunday Morning! I will say it's good to hear that you like the Texans better thou! But, I'll tell ya I really want to go to a game at the Cowboy's new stadium thou!
    What can I say, have to be courteous to to fellow Texas fan! Please tell me your not a Cowboys fan though? Lol!!! That could be a problem!
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