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    News Rafiki's Planet Watch is closing Oct. 21st will reopen in Summer 2019

    My guess is that it will eventually be replaced with something else. Hope they keep the train. Do you think it will leverage some type of IP when it reopens? Zootopia??
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    Comcast ready to make a new All Cash bid for Fox - May 8th, 2018

    The press is reporting that Disney may have to add cash to its offer to match the new Comcast all cash offer. However, if DIS stock price continues to increase (up to $108 today), the amount of additional cash would need to be lower.
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    Jiko or California Grill

    I have been to both. I would choose Jiko for the food and California Grill for the view (though the food is a close second).
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    Where do enjoy running most?

    Outside of any organized races, I was curious where people enjoy running the most at Disney World. I have found that two of the best places are running around Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter and also the loop around the Boardwalk and down to Hollywood Studios. Any other places where...
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    Are the dining plans cost effective?

    I believe there is also an aspect of the Dining Plan that works better with certain personalities. Even if you do not "save" money, some people really like the aspect of prepaying for their meals and that they do not need to worry about the marginal cost of each menu item. I do see the benefit...
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    Favorite Buffet (or Family Style) at Disney World?

    What is your favorite buffet or all you care to eat restaurant at Disney World? My favorite is Boma. Ohana and the Garden Grove at the Swan (Seafood Buffet) are my two runner ups. Others?
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    Comcast ready to make a new All Cash bid for Fox - May 8th, 2018

    Hope the Disney bid goes through without Disney having to raise it.
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    Favorite Disney Resort

    The Dolphin is also a great option and could be the best value resort, especially if you a SPG member on points.
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    Favorite Disney Resort

    Our favorite moderate is Port Orleans Riverside. Our favorite overall resort is Animal Kingdom. Although others like the Boardwalk and Poly are great and are close to the parks, there is something very special and unique about Animal Kingdom.
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    Biggest Regret at WDW Restaurant...

    That is very unfortunate. Hope you have a chance to go to V & A on your next trip.
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    Best WDW Restaurants #1: Magic Kingdom

    Skipper Canteen is good. I liked Be Our Guest for lunch as it is a quick service for lunch and only slightly more than other quick service lunch options.
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    How paid parking affects DVC members

    Great. Thanks for providing confirmation.
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    Biggest Regret at WDW Restaurant...

    We had a sushi lunch once at Tokyo Dining that was very average sushi. The staff was great, but I would not go back for the sushi.
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    Confirming Disney Springs Hotel - I did get 60 day FP’s

    Thanks for confirming this. We are staying a a Disney Springs hotel later this year and are pleased that the 60 window is available to us.
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