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    Epcot Photos

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    COP... tear down?

    I heard through a rumor mill that COP is being torn down at some point? I think I may be seriously crushed if it does... A serious refurbish or update, yes, but tear down? That classic? Walt just may roll around in his grave...
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    Rides you always get stuck on

    Rides I always get stuck on... Small World and Pirates. Attractions I don't mind getting stuck on... Carousel of Progress and American Adventure. ;)
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    Epcot Photos

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    Port Orleans French Quarter Pool Construction

    I can understand them wanting to or needing to change things up in the cooler months! I am just excited to see it all when ti is done. We loved staying there last year!
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    Traditions that you no longer can do

    Yeah it is sorta expensive.
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    With the Price Increases and Cuts, Are you Delaying your Visit?

    We want to go this year and hopefully we can move down to WDW area.
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    Are these rides better in WDW or DL?

    TOT-WDW HM- WDW Pirates- DL rest-tie
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    What Ride Would You Save?

    Thats a tie. .. The original Journey Into Your Imagination with DF :) And World of Motion.
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