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  1. clarabellej

    New Vera Bradley Disney Pattern July 2021

    I just posted a long winded thread on here, but then when I went to sign on, could not remember my password. So in the interim it may or may not have been lost. Anyway, I was so excited I wanted to hear others thoughts and if y’all purchased any of the new stuff?! It is now available in the...
  2. clarabellej

    POLL: Are you in favor of the Splash Mountain Re-theme?

    Not Splash Mountain!!!!!!! I love Princess and the Frog too, but leave Splash Mountain alone.
  3. clarabellej

    My last photo from my last trip...care to send yours?

    I’m in quarantine and away from home and my Disney pics, but I am so loving this post. Thanks to all who contributed! I think I am going on my 3rd year without my beloved Disney Trip. I went every year from the time my youngest visited for the first time at age 5 (2007). It became our thing...
  4. clarabellej

    Smoking ban at Disneyland and Disney World thoughts..

    Oh yes, & I get that the post is about doing away with the smoking areas and that they’ve banned smoking all together (which I think is the way to go), but in remembering my brother who died at 65 (he drank & smoked), I just realized Walt Disney died of lung cancer at 65. I think that says it...
  5. clarabellej

    Smoking ban at Disneyland and Disney World thoughts..

    First of all vaping is just plain stupid & IMO says something about the people doing it, mainly kids. Smoking. Jeez. People still smoke??? Again, stupid or sadly addicts that cannot kick the highly addictive habit. I had a brother like that. He had a stroke and died when he was 65. No...
  6. clarabellej

    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    This show was always surprisingly good and seemed to stand the test of time. Also, always a nice break from the heat. Was it shortened at all? I know so many of the shows have been. HS is not a top park for me.
  7. clarabellej

    What song are you listening to currently?

    I woke up with “Watermelon Sugar High” in my head 😳
  8. clarabellej

    WDW Reopening Estimates

    I vote for June, but I think it is very Wishful thinking. Hoping our Wishes have some power. My brother just messaged me this morning that Germany has cancelled this year’s Oktoberfest. That does not bode well for how long this nightmare will last. I am dreaming of Disney these days. What I...
  9. clarabellej

    Everyone is forgetting something

    On a dark note:Did y’all see the videos of the Rats in New Orleans???! Not Mickey Mouse, but tough street rats!! Something to do with quarantine and shutting down restaurants in New Orleans. They (the street rats) had gotten very brazen and were even showing themselves in the middle of the...
  10. clarabellej

    Trip Report The “No Trip” Trip Report *COMPLETED*

    Well, I was almost right. We’ve done AK as our day one too! We used to almost always do it as a half day on departure day. That was way back when it closed earlier. Pre-Pandora Days. The year ROL finally rolled out, we had an early dinner package at Tusker. We landed at MCO, took DME & then...
  11. clarabellej

    Trip Report The “No Trip” Trip Report *COMPLETED*

    Magic Kingdom & first FP, Peter Pan’s Flight!!!!!?? Oh & since this is imaginary, I bet you can still catch Wishes!!! 😭
  12. clarabellej

    Trip Report The “No Trip” Trip Report *COMPLETED*

    I am so excited by your no-Trip trip report! I am in quarantine in Phoenix after traveling here from Texas with my college aged daughter (my Disney partner) to visit my husband/her Dad for Spring Break. We were supposed to stay a week, but well, this pandemic happened. I cannot tell you how much...
  13. clarabellej

    Who has NEVER been to a rope-drop?

    I’ve been to WDW many times and I think the only time I was super early was for a tour: Marceline to Magic Kingdom. It was a behind the scenes and we took a bus from Pop before the sun was up! Kinda cool, but definitely not my normal. It felt a little freaky seeing the place empty. Or maybe I...
  14. clarabellej

    General Film Discussion (With Trailers)

    Don’t know if I am posting this on the right thread, but saw General Film. Y’all watch Parasite! I had weird dreams after that one. Very bizarre & different. Once you watch, look up an explanation on You Tube. It’s up for best picture.
  15. clarabellej

    Long Line Memories and Line Etiquette, Your Worst Line Experiences

    Goofyernmost, is Pandora where Camp Minnie Mickey was? I hadn’t thought about it till you referenced old LK show. We had a great line experience there, many years back. They had a pretty talented guy who would make up songs to help pass the time in line for character meet n greets. He made up a...
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