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    Creystal Palace- really that bad?

    I love the Crystal Palace for breakfast! Ate dinner there a few times also, it was okay.. but I definitely perfer the breakfast. Enjoy!
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    Boma or 'Ohana?

    I have only been to Boma for breakfast (which we enjoyed very much) so I can't comment on the dinner, but I have been to 'Ohana four times for dinner and have always had a great experience. The food was good and the service was excellent. My kids enjoyed the coconut races, doing the limbo and...
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    Best theming?

    Sci-Fi & 50's Prime Time Cafe @ DHS and San Angel Inn @ Epcot.
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    Favorite Park Music

    Wishes Illuminations Spectro Magic Splash Mountain Haunted Mansion
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    Le Cellier ADR

    That's great!! This is the only reservation that I am worried about because we are a party of 10 this year and it is hard enough to get in without that many people. I have been going to Disney for years and have never been able to get an ADR there. Did you make your ADR's online or did you call?
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    Tutto Italia

    WoW!! I was going to book a reservation here if I wasn't able to get into Le Cellier, but after reading this and some of the other reviews I think I might have to find another back up plan :eek:
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    if you would pick

    I voted for December!! :xmas: We have been going to WDW the first week of December for the past 4 years and in my opinion, it is the best time of year to go. The crowds are pretty light (at least that has been my experience, compared to the summer months), the weather is nice, all the holiday...
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    What's your favorite saying from WDW???

    Have a magical day! See ya Real Soon! Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor mantangense alejado de las puertas!
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    The Face of WDWMagic

    How Often You Visit Every Year How Long Your Average Stay Is 8 Days Favorite Park Magic Kingom Favorite Resort Grand Floridian Favorite Pool Grand Floridian Resort Pool Favorite Attraction (In All WDW) Splash Mountain Favorite Attraction (MK) Splash Mountain Favorite Attraction (Epcot)...
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    Free dining has created chaos--funny vid!

    That was too funny :ROFLOL:
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    MK Favorite Rides

    Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, BTMR, Space Mountain, PoTC, & Mickey's Philharmagic!!
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    What is your favorite park castle?

    Cinderella's Castle in WDW got my vote!
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    Which park for my birthday?

    Wow ~ my birthday is on December 10th too!!! I voted for the Magic Kingdom because that is where I will be spending my birthday too!!! We have tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party that night!
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    Ten Attractions ONLY!

    My top ten in no order: 1.Splash Mountain 2.Space Mountain 3.PoC 4.Haunted Mansion 5.Everest 6.Dinosaur 7.Tower of Terror 8.RnR 9.Soarin 10.Mickey's Philharmagic
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    How often do you travel to Disney?

    We have been going once a year since 2001.
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