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  1. Calm Down Rover

    News Tomorrowland love

    The footage of AE 1.0 is amazing! I've been trying to confirm the origin of a cast photo posted by the director of the video portion (showing Clench in "fried" makeup). That photo always confused me, as it was my understanding that Clench appeared in the audience tube at the end via audio of him...
  2. Calm Down Rover

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    Illuminations was in a sorry state tonight. The globe's screens flickered on and off while it was moving across the lagoon, and it turned off for about ten seconds once it settled into place. Really scummy of Disney to do a "Farewell Illuminations" marketing ploy while giving the show itself an...
  3. Calm Down Rover

    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    Glaring parallels to social media aside, the ambiguity of the "electronic babble" line did so much to elevate the attraction, in my opinion. It established that the future isn't just some nebulous concept, but a real challenge with real consequences. The current script, on the other hand, reuses...
  4. Calm Down Rover

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    I've gotta be honest, I have no idea why the perception of Rivers of Light around here went from "great concept with real heart, but flawed in execution" to its badness being practically a meme.
  5. Calm Down Rover

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I feel the same way. Maybe it's unfair to MMRR's designers, but it'll be hard for me to forget that this replaced the thematic heart of DHS. The place feels a little soulless now, like Epcot without Spaceship Earth.
  6. Calm Down Rover

    Best Mummy?

    I've only ridden the US versions, of which Orlando is the clear winner. I like the brief dark ride portion at the beginning of USH's, but I feel that the eclipse storyline is somehow even less comprehensible than the movie set plot. The former is simpler, but the axed ending effects make it...
  7. Calm Down Rover

    Universals New Nighttime Show

    Yeesh, I hope that blog post isn't kidding when they say "and much more." Cinematic Spectacular was a pretty bare clip show, but at least the range of IPs and music was spot-on. I particularly hope Jurassic Park won't be scrubbed from the parks entirely in favor of its shinier, more polarizing...
  8. Calm Down Rover

    News Flights of Wonder closing and replaced by 'UP! A Great Bird Adventure'

    The overwhelming feeling I'm getting from that video is secondhand embarrassment for the actors, to be honest. There are far too many chattering people onstage and too few birds. But hey, at least they gave us the fascinating, incredible nature fact that you shouldn't feed birds chocolate...
  9. Calm Down Rover

    Quality downgrade to Disney plush

    Yeah, it's almost as annoying as the abominable snowman merch they sell in the Everest gift shop. If they're concerned about reminding people about Song of the South, well... They already built a ride. That ship has sailed. They can use the off-color version of Brer Rabbit from WDW (where he's...
  10. Calm Down Rover

    News WDW Resorts to add fees for parking

    I've been happily staying off-site lately, and I've occasionally wondered if it would be worth the price to give the on-site hotels another shot. Looks like I've found my answer, thanks Disney! Speaking of parking, I recently had a pretty bizarre experience at Animal Kingdom. I arrived right...
  11. Calm Down Rover

    Worst Refurbishments

    Imagination 1.0 to 2.0 is the clear winner, I've never seen someone defend that. Outside of that, in my opinion the Sparrow-fication of POTC was far more destructive than the auction revision will ever be. 90% of the scenes were entirely reoriented to be about a single character (of waning...
  12. Calm Down Rover

    Where is Botanicus?

    Interesting, I noticed when I visited a few weeks ago that the queue music seemed mismatched (I expected the mysterious, eerie forest theme from the film), but I thought I was misremembering. Out of curiosity, what is the correct track for the queue? I've been trying to put together a proper...
  13. Calm Down Rover

    Space Mountain Stars

    Oh, wonderful! Small plusses make such a difference on classic attractions *cough* and is better than letting them rot before replacing them, isn't that right Universal and Hollywood Studios? *cough*. I remember talking with my group last visit about how we preferred the old, more kinetic...
  14. Calm Down Rover

    Rumor Siemens is going to end their sponsorship with the parks - Spaceship Earth and IllumiNations

    I don't see this mentioned a lot in the 2007 version discourse, but I actually really dislike that the Greek theatre scene was replaced by a math class. Ever since Imagination ditched the art/literature/theatre angle, I feel like creativity in general has been edged out of Future World in favor...
  15. Calm Down Rover

    Avatar Flight of Passage reviews, comments and questions

    We also were routed past both the glowing forest and the lab this morning. We were sent from the entrance cave down a corridor with a large window looking into the lab, then directly to the preshow doors. Oh, and take our word for it: If you're braving the Christmas crowds, arrive at 7:30 or...
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