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Im Jessica....

I love God...he has given me many many blessings in my life and I am thankful for ALL of them.
"It doesnt matter if the world is pulling you down with Christ you have everything." - Nicholas Jonas

I love my family...they mean sooo much to me and they are the best....they are always here for me and I love them for it....Im always there for them too!

I love the Jonas Brothers....for many reasons....It would take me forever to name all of the reasons.

My favorite is Nick...he is the love of my life...I know there are millions and trillions of girls who love him too but I love him for more than his fame and his hottness.
He's the missing piece I need...

Anything involved with the Jonas Brothers and Disney!
3 hours from the magic, Florida
Favorite Park
Magic Kingdom
Favorite Attraction
Primeval Whirl and Star Tours
Favorite Parade
Disney Stars and Motor Cars....
Favorite Firework Show
Favorite Resort
French Quarter
Favorite Restaurant
Chef Mickey's
Last Visit to WDW
October 2008
Favorite Character
Tinker Bell and Tigger and Stitch...its really hard to decide...
Favorite Disney Movie
Toy Story
Next Visit to WDW (Arriving)
Next Visit to WDW (Departure)
Next Visit to WDW - Location
Disney's Pop Century Resort
Number of WDW Trips
Jonas Fanatic



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