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    News State Farm signs a new multi-year partnership with Disney Parks and Resorts including sponsorship at Walt Disney World Resort

    I do NOT want to see freaking Jake from State Farm or any of his annoying TV ad character co-stars at WDW. Imagining him saying something about Disney is the "rweal deal" gives me a headache. Next up: Tampax being signed as the official feminine protection provider to WDW and Amy Schumer coming...
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    News 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

    And now comes the four-month marathon of close up shots of chewing food and amateur reviews of flavors and palatability.
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    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    THE DAY IS HERE! Let the fireworks live streams commence. Probably with superchats turned on so they can rake in some bucks. I'm not talking about those like AllEars or The DIS who might be part of a Disney-invited event. I'll probably tune in to The DIS myself.
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    News Ohana reopening July 9th

    WOW! As I was girding the proverbial loins for an exceptionally stressful workday, this colorful storytelling gave me a welcomed laugh. Plus I'd been annoyed thinking about how many Disney vloggers will be racing to be the first posting about "Ohana reopening!" Thank you, @UltimateRollercoaster...
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    Guest jumps off Living with the Land boat to grab a cucumber

    Some years ago WDW installed little signs where the boats move into the greenhouse area that say "please do not touch the sand". Since some guests are such fine human beings! A few months ago I was on the ride and right next to this sign, was a palm print in the sand.🤦‍♀️
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    Scentsy and Walt Disney World are bringing a new guest experience within Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

    So if I want to buy one of these scents and I'm not at WDW, do I have to go through a #bossbabe to order them? Cause I already have enough friends or acquaintances pushing Neora, Rodan & Fields, Beachbody, Cabi, and ItWorks. ☹️
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    On layoffs, very bad attendance, and Iger's legacy being one of disgrace

    It would be great not to have pages going off topic. I have cast member friends who are still furloughed and anxiously watching this thread and other forums for Martin's and others' updates on layoffs and attendance. Sadly they get no communication from WDW... well, except for last week's letter.
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    Hess Express Gas Stations to be rebranded as Speedway

    I don't know how individual 7-11 locations are managed and what their relationship to their overall corporation is. But the four 7-11s to the immediate north of WDW property are notorious among locals for credit card skimming and scams. Locations in Osceola County have also been problematic...
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    What year did Disney implement the purple, red, and gold signs?

    I believe it was 1989. I began my second College Program that year, and the signs had cropped up in abundance. They weren't around even in 1987 during my first internship.
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    magical smells

    Some of the indoor Magic Kingdom rides like Peter Pan, Snow White and Haunted Mansion have a certain smell that never changes. It's not a good or bad smell...but one that makes me feel like a wide-eyed kid again. Then there's the Alien goo in Great Movie Ride. And the fog in the old...
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    Recording the WDW Resort channel.

    OK gang I will really show my age with this one, but....I have a cassette tape recording of the Resort Channel 5 segment from back around 1980-1981. It was about a 15-20 minute loop. Starts off with an instrumental rendition of "Let's Go Fly a Kite" and is hosted by a lovely tour-guide type of...
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