News Zootopia and Moana Blue Sky concepts for Disney's Animal Kingdom

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I think a Moana area could use a nice walkthrough attraction in addition to the rides! Seriously what kind of mess are they creating here? How does Zootopia fit in at all?

It seems weird to completely scrub dinosaurs from the park. One thing I would have thought that was guaranteed to move merchandise and hold the interest of children was dinosaurs.
They don’t understand interest in concepts that aren’t specific IPs. That’s a complete blind spot for the current people in charge.


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Zootopia would use the same ride system and capacity…but turn the lights on.

What would they do with the Boneyard? Retheme it to a Zootopia playground or tear it up completely? And I guess they'd just retheme Restaurantosaurus to Zootopia or Moana?


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Dinosaur underperforms for the park. They think this would improve that.

Of course, so would a nice refurb. I hope that, if Zootopia is not funded, they at least refurbish Dinosaur nicely.

Yeah, maybe Dinosaur underperforms because it's barely functioning. Strange that they don't consider how maintenance factors in.

Plus, using the existing ride and retheming to Zootopia would have similar issues as PatF and Splash Mountain. The height requirement will prevent some of the potential target audience from riding.


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So terrible. Why was this presented so strangely? Is Disney giving up on dinosaurs just because Universal has some good dino rides?

So much I want to say but I don’t want to get banned. Maybe my breaking point.
Recall: Bob thinks we come to Disney parks wanting to see Disney worlds come to life. That’s why even small areas of DCA (like Pacific Wharf) are transforming into movie worlds.

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No idea what the inside would look like. I presume the forthcoming Zootopia ride in Asia would provide a hint.
Sorry if I’m coming across as a jerk, promise it isn’t directed at you at all. I just hate how all the physical sets and animotronics are being ripped out for screens. It’s just sad.


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So with Beastly Kingdom never coming to fruition and Dinosaur/Dinoland most likely being replaced by IPs, this means the original core concept of Animal Kingdom representing real, extinct and imaginary animals is 100% dead and buried and now it's nothing more than yet another IP park.



I think a big question is, are they going to keep (or add) actual animal habitats in the new areas? There are currently storks, crocodiles and tortoises in that area. Adding new areas that don't factor in real animals seems like a bad idea.

And with Zootopia - Is it just the mammals that are sentient? Or all animals? Like can you have live animal habitats in Zootopia.. does Zootopia have, well, a zoo?


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The other issue with Dinosaur is that it's pretty well hidden. I'm almost positive there are guests that have no idea it's there, considering it's kind of tucked back into a corner with a building that doesn't scream "this is a ride!".

I imagine they could refurbish it and do something to help draw a bit more attention to it and have it perform quite well.


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Why in the world would they rid of Dinosaur?! AK needs all the capacity it needs, and that's a moster ride with good capacity.

And now for my biased opinion – Dinosaur was my favorite ride at WDW for years until the recent additions (aka ROTR), so I would be devastated if they ride of it for a Zootopia ride/land....ugh

Keep it and build new things for additional capacity.
It was said that Dinosaur would retrofitted (redone) as a Zootopia ride if the phase 2 went forward

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