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Your favorite transportation method?

What’s your favorite WDW transportation method?

  • Monorail

  • Ferry Boat

  • Single-story/open air resort launches

  • Two story/enclosed resort launches

  • Walking (TTC to Magic, Epcot to Hollywood, Etc.)

  • Skyliner

  • Friendship boats

  • Tram

  • Bus

  • DVC Ferry

Results are only viewable after voting.


Well-Known Member
I need my steps. I walk wherever I can.

I enjoy the skyliner and monorail, though. The skyliner always seems a bit more exciting but that's probably just because I use the monorail more often.

I've occasionally entertained the idea of just setting myself down in either one with a laptop and going around in loops while I get stuff done, but figure the CMs would probably be annoyed with me (plus the rudeness of hogging the seat on the monorail).


Premium Member
My real answer would have been "anything but bus."

The monorail is nostalgic, and I wish you could still ride in the front like we did when I was a kid

Walking from Contemporary to MK or Beach Club to EPCOT is wonderful.

The boats are so peaceful.

But holy cow do I LOVE the Skyliner. Peaceful, great views, Comfortable. Quick loading. I wish they could/would expand it - a line connecting AKL to AK to Coronado with spurs to MGM and Blizzard Beach would be awesome.


Well-Known Member
When it was operating reliably and with decent capacity (enough trains) and well trained crews….. the monorail for sure.

Skyliner is great when it’s operating and doesn’t stop.

Now my favorite is probably the friendship and other resort launches since they are pretty reliable and well run.


Well-Known Member
At peak maintenance: Monorail
Right now: Skyliner

With the awful automation system the Monorail feels incredibly poor to ride these days. The jerking into stations and bouncing along inch by inch because it missed it's braking target makes it feel very dated.


New Member
I love walking wherever I can, but there's something special about hopping on friendship boats.

Just like the skyliner and monorail, the friendship boats have their own charm. They give off this relaxing vibe. But to be honest, sometimes I prefer the skyliner a bit more. Maybe it's because I use the friendship boats more often))

So basically, I like plop myself down in one of those friendship boats with my laptop and just going around in circles while I get stuff done. It sounds like a cool idea, but I reckon the Cast Members would get pretty annoyed with me...


Well-Known Member
For years - it was the bus. Sure, sometimes long waits, standing room, crammed in like sardines AND if you’re real lucky - you get a seat and your sweaty leg sticks to the sweaty leg of stranger on your left….

Then we started driving our own car from AKL to the parks and couldn’t believe how much time we saved

So, the bus is nice because it’s a nice thing to drive in from NJ and just park the car all week

Walking - when we are at an Epcot resort.


Premium Member
I voted monorail just because it still seems like magic to me. I remember riding it through the Contemporary when I was a kid in 1986, I think, and thinking it was the neatest thing ever but as much as I've wanted to stay at a monorail resort, I've just never been able to get myself to pull the trigger due to the price. But I also love the Skyliner and I love that they made it available at a value resort. I think I may just end up staying at Pop Century for any future trips in the foreseeable future.

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