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You can have breakfast with a Disney princess — for only $125 per person - OCR/SCNG


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>>Disney princesses are a perennial favorite worldwide, and now the Disneyland Resort has added its first meal dedicated to them since Ariel’s Grotto closed in 2017 at Disney California Adventure.

The resort has begun accepting reservations for the breakfast, which is slated to begin March 30 at the upscale Napa Rose restaurant at Disney’s Grand Californian hotel. In the past, Napa Rose has been known for fine dining and its copious wine cellar — in fact every server there is required to also be a trained sommelier.<<

I am still waiting for the night at the Grand Californian with a Princess... Package includes a one night standard room at the Hotel, room service including Champagne. Tip not included.

Wait, maybe it is better for having your significant other dress up like a princess, cheaper in multiple ways, including avoiding divorce court!


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Kind of an odd move. I guess that it isn't really taking away anything since Napa Rose has only been open for dinner, but...huh? Surely there's another place they could host this for a more reasonable price point?

Maybe Napa Rose isn't doing as robust a dinner business as Disney would like and they're considering going the Artist Point route of converting over to character dining full time?


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$125 for breakfast had better be one heckuva spread; salmon, roast beef, shellfish, caviar, eggs and omelettes and benedicts prepared on demand, top-shelf mimosas for mom and bloody mary's for dad, etc.

Sure you'll have a half dozen Fullerton Junior College co-eds dressed up and prancing around and cooing into the camera, but for that price point for breakfast this had better be the best breakfast menu in SoCal.
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Ismael Flores

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can you imagine how nasty that restaurant carpets are going to get quickly. the one thing i noticed when eating at Ariels for dinner was how dirty the place felt after being used furing the day timw for character breakfast. the amount if stains in the carpets and little hand prints everywhere.

i feel bad for those diners that will pay top money in the evening for dinner there


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Back in the early '70s there was a rumor at WDW that one of the Snow White performers was busted for prostitution at the Contemporary. I had no direct knowledge of it, but it was widely held among CMs I worked with.
Perhaps I'm a cynic, but that seems like a rumor that everyone would spread with no actual proof.

Disney Irish Bruh

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I don't care how much fancy-pants food they have available, we all know they will also include the stuff the kids like. There is NO WAY I'm paying $125 for my 7-year-old's breakfast of peanut butter and jelly pizza. Wow. Just Wow.
For that price it'll have to be like a 6' pizza.... ;):p:cool:


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I wish they offer a Princess character meal in the parks at half the price. $60 would be more reasonable.

Rich T

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Too bad Ellen's Game of Games isn't on ABC; I'd love to see a Disney Princess episode.

Curious Constance

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From MousePlanet, I'm sorry but the highlighed part really makes me giggle.

Starting March 30, Disney's Napa Rose restaurant will host the new Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures, an experience that comes with a royal $125-per-person price tag. The Disney Parks Blog last week provided a brief description of the event, and noted that characters may include Belle, Tiana, Ariel, Jasmine, Mulan, Rapunzel, and others.

From the description, it seems the event takes place in stages, with a welcome in the Napa Rose Lounge before breakfast inside the restaurant. The experience ends with princess story time on the Napa Rose patio, as princesses "share the moments they felt empowered to be their true selves," and a photo opportunity.

Disney's article puts a big emphasis on the "experience" portion of this character breakfast, which serves to both explain the higher price point, and also distract from the very unusual breakfast menu. Breakfast service begins as early as 8:00 a.m., but the entree selections seem more suited to lunch or dinner. Children can order macaroni and cheese, beef sliders, or chicken and "princess waffles." Adult entrées include shepherd's pie, braised short ribs, and pork belly. The meal ends with a dessert course that includes cake pops and fruit tarts. There may be more traditional breakfast/brunch items available, but Disney has not yet posted the full menu.

The new breakfast experience is available Thursday through Monday only, from 8:00 a.m. to noon. A credit card guarantee is required for all reservations, and a fee of $10 per person is charged for no-shows or reservations canceled less than 24 hours in advance. You can book a reservation online at the Disneyland website, or bu calling (714) 781-3463."

As of publication, reservations were open only for the first four breakfast events, and all were still available. However, the first Sunday, March 31, is very close to selling out. Disney calls this a one-of-a-kind occasion, and it's certain that it will appeal to a segment of the Disney guest. However, the price point will make many parents think twice about bringing the whole family. Parents sometimes find it a hard sell to get their sons to accompany their sisters to the Ariel's Grotto breakfast at DCA, or to sit through Cinderella's Royal Table at Walt Disney World. Still, they make the reservation, if only for the sake of family togetherness.

At $125 per person, parents may be less likely to drag children—or unwilling spouses—along to this breakfast adventure, especially when that same $125 represents all or most of a one-day theme park ticket. To put it in perspective, $125 is the cost of a six-course meal at the Napa Rose chef's counter, and significantly more than any child's meal would cost at the restaurant during dinner. If I wanted to splurge for breakfast with a princess-crazy child, I'd probably send the rest of the family into the parks.

One final note: With the exception of a very brief trial run more than a decade ago, Napa Rose has not offered brunch service, although fans of the restaurant have often requested it. If this princess meal fails to attract enough diners to justify continued operation, we hope the door might be open to a classic brunch offering at the restaurant in the future.


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Children can order macaroni and cheese, beef sliders, or chicken and "princess waffles." Adult entrées include shepherd's pie, braised short ribs, and pork belly. The meal ends with a dessert course that includes cake pops and fruit tarts.
Framed as breakfast, this whole thing just seems odder and odder. The article claims that the first event is selling well, but I can't see this lasting. On second thought, maybe they're offering a power meal to go along with the empowering story time!
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