Yee Haw! - 40 years of 'Big Thunder Mountain Railroad'!

George Lucas on a Bench

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Can't wait for the inevitable update.

Howdy, whatever gender you identify as! Please keep all hands, arms, feet, legs and heads inside the train and remain seated at all times! Be sure to watch your kids (???)! Hang on to them personal belongings, now, especially them hats, glasses and mobile devices! Remember, no texting while on the rails! This here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!!

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Fun story, from one of Tony's many tellings -

Dallas recorded the original safety spiel for 'Big Thunder' on the same day he was in the studio to record all of his lines as Ben Franklin from Epcot's 'The American Adventure'.
Tony said it was amazing to watch him instantly switch from the dignified, wise thinker Ben to the old crotchety miner.
A true voice talent.

To this day, when I see 'The American Adventure' and hear Ben Franklin, I think of that story and instantly hear the 'Big Thunder' spiel.



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One of my favorite Attraction posters.
I love all of the of the intricate detailing in the center scene.
Just fantastic drawing skill....and such a great poster design!


WDI large 'stained glass' style pin from 2015 -

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