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Worst Movie You've Seen


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Mine is hands down "Love the Coopers". Uggh. Plot was way to hole filled. There were 6 plots at once, and they didn't mix at all. The acting was bad, and the story was odd.


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If i had to be specific, i would pick Hide and Seek. Since i stick to mainly horror films, i can say ive seen some of the worst low budget movies ever produced.


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Well I've seen some really fantastic "bad movies" like Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, Manos: The Hands of Fate and Troll 2, but I'm not sure those really count as the worst "real" movie I've seen. Heck, Troll 2 is still one of my favorite things to watch, even tough objectively it fails in every way possible.

I'll say that the movie that I actually saw in theaters that I enjoyed the least is Transformers 2. Hated every second of it.


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Only walked out of a theater once and it was during Nacho Libre, worst of all time.

Also, I don't watch anything with Jack Black, Chris Farley or Will Farrel. Not sure if I spelled Farley & Farrel right but don't really care either.