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Rumor Wonders of Life getting an attraction soon?


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Just to temper expectations, it’s more an idea to reuse the pavilion that’s been approved. There’s a long way to go yet.
Is the idea to reuse it as attraction space, or something else? Or is it not even that far yet? Or can you not answer this question?


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Read my signature!

You said "I had heard..." So, no, I didn't think -- contrary to your sig -- that you actually had insider information, but that you were reporting something you read here or on another site.

So, you interjected how you already knew this was greenlit from a long time ago, when, in fact, it was only recently that things were changing. And when challenged, you rely on the "I'm old" defense, instead of just simply coming clean and saying, "oops, I guess I misinterpreted hints of possibilities as a 'green light.'"

Well, based on your sig, we should just all ignore everything you say because it will just be the gibberish of someone entering dimentia and cut of from reality? Is that what you want? Stop being the stereotype you type yourself with.


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Better wait til those ladders go up and shovels hit the ground ;) (too soon? Figured I'd beat the usual suspects)

But anyway, great news about some movement on WOL. Let's hope they follow through. I mean, funding can always go elsewhere. But this is progress!

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Just adding in new simulators seems like it would be a really easy option as it's what the building was already designed for. Additionally, Disney has done some really nice work with simulators recently (Nemo at Tokyo and Iron Man at Hong Kong). It could be cool to have a bit of a Marvel "corner" of the park and make WoL into a Stark Expo complete with a similar attraction to the Iron Man attraction at Hong Kong, maybe a show in the Cranium Command theater showing off some cool robotic tech, and then a floor show of lots of interactive robotics exhibits in the main building (prevent it from getting outdated TOO quickly by making it a bit of a history of robotics and robotics in medicine especially throughout the ages). The whole gold dome color scheme works really well with the whole Iron Man color scheme as well...

...there's just that pesky detail about the Universal Contract and use of Iron Man at WDW...

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