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Wishes question?


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Around the 4 minute mark of the show a series of white "flares" shoot up in a fan pattern. What are those called and are they available in a consumer form? They remind me of a bunch of single shot roman candles. Also could it be daisey chained in a series with an increasing delay in the wicks from the e-match to create that pattern of shots? I think that would be a cool effect for a neighborhood 4th show i'm already planning for next year. The Zambelli's do something similar for Thunder over Louisville only they use rainbow colors. Boo52 can u help me out?


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I think the problem you face is that the presentation is electronically fired and computer controlled. There are other pyro experts here (of which I am NOT one), but I don't think you could get that effect from simple fuse connections.


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True, it can be done probably all electronically via manual cues but it would take either a whole series slat or one channel daisy chained and timed with fuses. I am working on building my own electronic firing system like the plans listed at pyrouniverse.
Silver Tails...

Boo can tell you more about them if he wishes...these exact pieces of product are not available for consumer use. You may be able to find much smaller, similar effects on the market somewhere though...

But none of the fan effects have short multi-shot timing fuses. For the effect you refer to...each shot is individually pinned, and individually cued in the computer. Everything has electronic matches...

Shots are taken automatically using SMPTE timecode. Each shot corresponds with a timecode string. When that timecode string hits, the computer sends data to a firing module, which sends firepower to the pins for that cue. Off goes the product. Now imagine that in rapid succession...


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The comets you are refering to are, and I hate to correct you lightboy :wave:, are 38mm Stingettes. They are smaller versions of the shooting star comets that we use which are Stinger Simulators. They were developed for the military for use in war games to simulate Stinger Missles. Hence the name. As said in previous posts, the desired effect would be very hard to accomplish without a computer sequencer and electric matches. The effect is so fast that it fires twelve pieces on each rack 4/10th of second apart. And to acquire e-matches you would need a ATF Type 54 license to purchase with the reclasification of e-matches.


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Alright. Here is the website I was refering to for homemade electronic ignition for consumer fireworks along with tutorials about making your own e-matches, fuse. and quick match. http://www.pyrouniverse.com/DIY.htm Although it is highly illegal without a license, pyro wiki tells how to make homemade mines, rockets, and lifting charges.
Oh well...I halfway thought he might be talking about the "V" fans that are split apart on a few of the bunkers. MY BAD...don't be hatin! haha jk! Your welcome for even telling you this post existed and that you should double check me! Adios man!
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