Trip Report Wishes Do Come True

What was planned.....


Friday, April 1st - Monday, April 4th

SSR 1 BR Villa

Remember us wishing that our return flight was cancelled on the previous trip b/c of the snowstorm??



Thanks to the above some slight changes had to be made.....

Friday, April 1st - Wednesday, April 6th

April 1st - April 4th
SSR 1 BR Villa in Congress Park


April 4th - 5th
SSR 2 BR Villa in The Grandstand


April 5th - 6th
SSR 1 BR Villa in The Paddock


And let me start out by saying that as awesome as it was to have a few extra Disney days it definitely comes with a price!! Financially & mentally!!
There is a lot of stress involved when you first realize that you're pretty much stranded & trying to figure out what you're going to do about it!! Not to mention the switching of the rooms over & over!!

But, I don't want to get ahead of myself. All that drama will come in due time!!

Welcome everyone!! Thanks to all who will be joining in on this crazy adventure!!


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I really do love reading your TRs so I appreciate that you give so much of your little free time to write them 😊
That's so kind of you to say!! I do wish I could post in a more timely fashion. I feel like the TR "flows" better--if that makes sense!!
Thanks Riverside!!!! (Are you gonna change your name to Saratoga 🤣)Look forward to your next trip report!!!
Thank you!! Funny you say that, we have really taken a liking to that resort. Guess where we are staying next month?;)
This was so great! I loved that nighttime picture you took of Saratoga too.

I can’t believe the prices you had to pay so last minute. I should be used to it, but it’s always so shocking. Which is why it cracks me up when someone asks (innocently) if Disney gives last minute booking discounts. I wish!!! If anything, they penalize you for not planning ahead with (what seems to be) higher rates! 🤪

I loved that you were all able to find some silver line to the delays. Looking forward to the next trip report as always!
Thank you so much!!

It was a bit much. What bothers me is that I was hearing that a lot of people were cancelling b/c they couldn't get there. Makes sense, we can't get out so there's bound to be people that can't come in. You would think they would be happy to have someone staying in them & not charge a fortune.

Looking back it was a lot of fun. When we first found out that we would be stuck for a few days I really was stressed. My biggest worry was not being able to make it to work!! I felt bad that another manager would have to work extra b/c I wouldn't be there. Esp b/c we are salaried employees. Not like we make extra when we work extra!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to share another brilliant trip report. Lovely bonus to see Tuvalu and Em again. We are there next September 2023 but unfortunately you and @Tuvalu visit during the school holidays so we know we cannot meet you then. Looking forward to your July TR. when you get free time.
Thank you for reading!! It was a definite bonus!! I'm glad that worked out the way it did!! Unfortunately, you're right. Years ago before J was in school we pretty much would go whenever but now we are kind of restricted.
As always it was a pleasure reading along!
Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!
Thanks for letting us tag along!! Great TR!!!
Thanks!! I'm glad you were here!!
Great job, my friend!

Kudos for not doing this….
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….but gifting us readers with a TR that’s 100%
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Thanks!! I would feel worse abandoning it than taking forever to finish it!! And again, it was great to be able to see you so many times that trip!!
Always enjoy your WDW TRs, @riverside !! Thank you for letting all of us join in the fun!

And, J continues to make me laugh. :) Thought it was so cute that he made sure he sat next to his favorite gal, @TrolleyFollower91 , on the "farm ride" :joyfull:
Thank you very much!!
That was so funny!! He didn't say a word, just hopped on in with them!!:D
Thanks for the enjoyable report!

Thank you very much!! I'm hoping to catch up on yours tomorrow!!🤞I can't wait!!
vacationing go go GIF

Can’t wait for the next one!!!
Thank you!! Hopefully this week🤞
Thanks for sharing it is always fun following along on the P,E and J adventure train!
Thanks!! An adventure it was!!
Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Can't wait to hear about the next one!
Thank you!! As with @fractal's I'm hoping to catch up on yours tomorrow also!!
Looks like ya'll made the best of your situation. I know I would have been stressing as well.
Great trip report!! Can't wait to hear about your next adventure.
We did but it really is stressful!! Thank you!!
Great report! Looking forward to the July one!
Thank you!! I'm looking forward to doing it!!
Enjoyed your trip (report). Glad you made the best of getting "stranded". Looking forward to reading about July's trip :)
Thank you!! When life gives you lemons....
I'm so glad you finished up this TR and although it was a big expense to add those additional days, you got to make more fun memories with Magicians friends. Your meals looked delicious along with those fabulous margaritas! So funny that R doesn't read any of your TR's unless he is in them! 🤣 🤣 🤣 I can't wait to hear about your July trip at The Beach Club. Thanks again for taking the time to entertain us with your family adventures at our happy place!!!
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It was fun!! Yeah, R's kind of selfish like that!! It's all about him!!🤣
Thanks for reading!!
better late than never bltn GIF by NBC

Thanks for finishing it up!!!!

Thank you for sticking in there with me!!

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