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Will you Marry me?

We were in the Castle for the character breakfast. The young lady was there with her family. The boyfriend couldn't make the trip because of work. The Princesses walked out from the back and the boyfriend was standing behind them. She had no idea he flew in. He proposed with all the Princesses standing around the table.


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It was wounderful!!!! She said YES!!! She was totally surprised. I do not know how to post pics here...can some one post them if I send them 2 you? My E-mail is GTOKID@YAHOO.com It was worth every penny. I cryed like a baby!Thanks everyone!!!! John
No need. Just download them into your WDWMagic photo album. Then click on the photo, right click for properties, and copy the address. Then when you go to post the pic, look for the icon that looks like a little yellow box with mountains in it, click that and paste the address into it, and your picture will appear in your post.
We saw a wedding there to. In the Garden in front of the castle. The family came in one the main street cars. Groom came in on a white horse. Poor guy looked scared to death. Bride rode in the carriage. It was at night with the castle lit in the background. Very beautiful. Heard it cost the Dad 1/2 million. He flew everyone in from Philadelphia.
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