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Will there be changes to Undiscovered Future World


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I'm not sure if this should go here or not...
Since part of the Undiscovered Future World tour was at Energy, what they do instead?
I'm going on it in 2 weeks so I just wanted to know...

(also, i know a lot of people were allowed to go up the second floor of the imagination pavilion, do you think they'd still let you.... i turn 16 the day before the tour so maybe if i ask very very nicely... haha)
The energy portion of the tour (at least when I did it, summer 2016) was only standing outside and briefly discussing the ride (nothing you couldn't find on the website at the time). As for the second floor of Imagination, since it became the DVC lounge, I would expect that they have stopped doing that, but hopefully they can make an exception!


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The one time I went and took the tour in 2009 we went into a Backstage area of Energy and was able to touch the Pteryldactyl that stood where the Ellen AA was...But, we never went to the Upstairs area of Imagination...I guess it all depended on your Tour Guide?


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I took the tour in 2016. As of then (I don't know if this is still the case) the Upstairs Imageworks was not part of the tour, even though I was in a very small group and I asked nicely. I believe the guide stated that this was due to there being no exceptions to the "DVC only" rule. As was said in a previous post, all we did in regards to Energy was stand outside the pavilion and discuss the history, which most likely is still what happens, as we would do this for each pavilion, including the closed Wonders of Life. We also got to visit the VIP lounge in The Seas, and we got to ride Test Track and Spaceship Earth. Soarin' was not part of the tour because it had just reopened from it's refurbishment days earlier and was experiencing huge crowds, but I have heard that some tours go on Soarin'. I hope this helps!