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Why not Superman at WDW?

slappy magoo

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Original Poster
OK first of all, I'm not serious. Tongue is in cheek, head is up butt, don't get excited or upset.

I found on youtube a very crappy copy of a production of "It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman!" a campy musical that was on Broadway for a brief time in the 60s and was considered a failure, and I'm sure a school or community theater in your area has performed it once or twice since then. But in 1975, ABC aired an in-studio, no-live-audience production of the musical. It aired once, not considered a success. But...on ABC...

Now...think back to the 1980s when there were dueling James Bond movies, Roger Moore in Octopussy which was considered an official Bond movie and Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again, which was made after a crazy lawsuit where the screenwriter Kevin McClory argued that, since he had cowritten an unused Bond screenplay with Ian Fleming, but elements he wrote wound up being used in the novel and screenplay Thunderball, he had as much of a right to Bond in the cinematic universe.

So who's to say that, if ABC made changes to the Superman musical screenplay in order to accommodate the run time they slotted for it, and now that ABC is owned by Disney, that DIsney doesn't have the rights to exploit Superman for their own wants and needs? Come on, make Space Mountain the Fortress of Solitude! Make the Tower of Terror a location where Supes and Jor-El fight it out! Use your imagination, give DIsney some ideas! Make it happen!


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Ohhh Yeahhhh...
Faster than a speeding monorail
More powerful than the Lilly Belle
Able to leap the Castle, Tower of Terror and the Tree of Life in a single bound
Look the newest M&G ... its Superman

I've always been more of a fan of Superman than the Marvel characters.

Tom P.

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If there is going to be any Superman attraction in the parks, it has to be based on the flying scene from the original Richard Donner film. You assume the role of Superman in a simulator while Lois Lane inexplicably recites poetry to herself.
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