Trip Report Who's Ready for Turkey in Disney (and another live trip report)?

Good Tuesday evening everyone. I've done several live reports from Disney before, but tonight I just might be the most excited I've ever been to get this one started. Crystal and I will be traveling tomorrow night to meet Brayden and Madelyn at Coronado for Thanksgiving in Disney World. Crystal and I are first-time empty nesters and this will be the first time we are all together since early August.

In September, we started discussing our Thanksgiving plans. Our house was (and still is) in the middle of a major (unplanned) renovation that was probably not going to finish by late November (we are now hoping it will be done by Christmas). Crystal, Maddy, and I all decided we should meet up somewhere warm if the house wouldn't be ready. After a few days of searching, we decided to get flights to Orlando and figure out plans later. Brayden wasn't sure what he wanted to do. He was planning on working in Tallahassee and heading to the FSU-UF in Gainesville on Saturday. He's definitely going to the game, but he decided to meet us from Wednesday through Saturday morning.

Brayden and Maddy will arrive at the resort by late afternoon tomorrow. Crystal and I both have school tomorrow and will fly from Philly tomorrow night. Depending on our level of excitement, and the level of resistance from Brayden and Maddy, we may still try to head into Magic Kingdom for opening! Hey, they need to get up before 7 am to get us our Tron boarding group anyway 🤷‍♂️.

Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal sportswise in our area. The kids graduated from Northampton Area High School and they will be playing Catasauqua High School for the 100th time this Thursday! Crystal and I teach at rival schools (Easton and Phillipsburg), and they will be playing for the 116th time dating back to 1905. The game has been featured twice on ESPN. Although its a great morning watching the games and getting ready for dinner, I'm certain this year will top that for us.

We saw Maddy briefly when she visited friends at Pitt about a month ago. She's really settled in at the University of South Carolina. We are hoping the Gamecocks beat the Tigers on Saturday. If they play half the game the women's basketball team did vs. Clemson last week, then football will be golden. The women are ranked number 1, and the men are playing well. Its a great time to be a student at USC.


Brayden is loving his second year at FSU. Football is rolling! Although they had a major injury this past week, they are ready to head into Gainesville then the ACC Championship vs. Louisville. Brayden even had a chance to meet Travis Jordan! The men's basketball team is off to a better start this season, and the women are ranked, too. Women's soccer has a chance at another National Title as well!


We are really looking forward to meeting up in a place where we've spent so much time together. I'm looking forward to sharing our adventure.

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